Transformation Stories: Tracy

Transformation Stories: Tracy

Mar 23, 2021

Since having gastric sleeve surgery, Tracy is down 84 pounds! This is her story.

Life Before Surgery

“Life before surgery was exhausting to say the least. I felt uncomfortable in all my clothes and sleep was horrible. I guess overall I felt pretty insignificant. I decided to have surgery because of Covid. I didn’t want to be considered “high risk” because I was overweight.”

Nicholson Clinic Experience

“The pre-op staff was all great and supportive. I like that they had me speak with a nutritionist and/or psychologist prior to surgery to be sure that I was ready. Post-op staff checks on you after surgery and follow-up visits with the office staff have been great and very encouraging. My questions about vitamins or blood work are always addressed and explained.”

Life After Surgery

“So far I have dropped 84 pounds (8 months out). Everything is different physically. At 55, my knees don’t ache anymore, my lower back issues are gone, I have a ton more energy and I sleep like a well fed baby! Emotionally I’m learning to love myself and learning to have fun with my friends and family and not have it center on food. It’s hard and sometimes I still see the heavy lady and feel fat, but then I remember I’m not her anymore. I eat for nutrition now, not just because it tastes good. My energy is amazing, some saggy skin here and there but I think it may be manageable. Thank you Dr. Long and Nicholson Clinic!”

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