Back on Track Program

Our weight fluctuates for many reasons. It could be due to medical issues, whether a previous surgery is showing signs of complications, perhaps there are hormonal changes or medications affecting your weight, or an injury that’s affecting your health. Or perhaps it’s lifestyle and behavioral changes – busy schedules, kids, travel. Let’s face it, life gets in the way of always having a good diet and getting plenty of exercise. There are many reasons why it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off, but what this program aims to do is to get to the root of the cause, and chart a best path forward based on your individual needs.

Whether you are a weight loss surgery patient who has regained weight or anyone struggling to lose weight, this program is for you! Our medical team has partnered with psychologists, dietitians and fitness experts to take a multi-disciplinary approach to helping individuals get back on track and achieving long-term weight loss.

STEP 1: Back on Track Consultation
Call our office at (972) 494-3100 and schedule an appointment for a Back on Track Consultation. This is a thorough medical evaluation with a Nicholson Clinic doctor or nurse. We’ll discuss medial background, take any labs or necessary tests, and get an assessment and current baseline. We’ll address concerns and talk about goals. Our medical professional will make recommendations for next steps based on your individual needs.

STEP 2: Possible Solutions To Get You On Track
After your Back on Track consultation, we will recommend next steps. Here are some possible options or combination of options we currently offer:

  • Weight Loss Guidance: Nicholson Clinic offers dietary guidance, fitness direction and behavioral support for those who are struggling to lose weight. From here we can schedule monthly visits for continued evaluation: physical, psychological and nutritional support.
  • PsyMed, Inc. Back on Track Workshop: PsyMed offers online or in-person sessions with a psychologist and/or dietitian, based on your needs. These sessions help individuals overcome exercise resistance and manage stress and emotional eating more efficiently. PsyMed offers support and coaching for making realistic, healthy choices. Ten (10) sessions of 1:1 nutrition and/or behavior support offered for $399. Call 1-866-786-2373 to take advantage of this introductory pricing!
  • Individual Treatment and Support Groups: Make an appointment with one of our behavioral experts: PsyMed, Inc (214) 348-5557, Behavioral Medicine Associates (214) 836-6548, or Advantage Point Behavioral Health (877) 583-5633. Attend Nicholson Clinic’s Virtual Facebook Support Group, and/or participate in Baylor’s Support Group offered every other month.
  • Exercise Program: Sign up for S.H.E.D exercise program (214-820-2367) or medical fitness classes with Svelte Performance (214-244-8008).
  • Weight Loss Surgery or Revisional Surgery: At Nicholson Clinic, we specialize in finding the right weight loss solution for each individual person. For some, it might be Weight Loss Surgery. For others, who have had weight loss surgery in the past, but has not resulted in inadequate weight loss or is causing a complication, revisional surgery many need to be addressed.
  • Take Advantage of All the Support We Offer: From our Facebook Support Group to multiple monthly nutritional and support group classes, all free for Nicholson Clinic patients, we have something for everyone to stay accountable and motivated. Check out our current support offerings.