LAP-BAND® Removal/Revisions

LAP-BANDS® don’t last forever.
It could be time to remove your old LAP-BAND® and find long-term weight loss.
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LAP-BANDS® require maintenance and adjustments and after a few years often need to be removed if they are no longer working properly. We can help you find lasting results.
While the LAP-BAND® was initially designed to last a lifetime, those results aren’t yet proven. Some studies suggest that more than 50% of gastric bands are removed after 7 to 10 years due to inadequate weight loss or complications. If you are no longer maintaining your weight loss or if you are experiencing any complications, come see us. It’s important to have your LAP-BAND® evaluated yearly at minimum to ensure your LAP-BAND® is not only functioning properly but also ensure there are no complications such as band erosion, band migration/slippage, band infection, gastric prolapse, esophageal and/or pouch dilation.

If you have regained weight and would like to lose it once and for all, you can have your LAP-BAND® removed and add on another procedure that is more effective and long-lasting at the same time. We are helping thousands of patients revise their LAP-BAND® and find long-term success. We can help you too.

Symptoms of a complication include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Reflux (Heartburn)
  • Abdominal pain/discomfort
  • Difficulty tolerating solid foods
  • Food trapping
  • Difficulty swallowing

Watch Jeremy's weight loss story & how he transformed his life.
After 8 years with LAP-BAND®, Jeremy had regained the 120 pounds that he initially lost with the LAP-BAND®. Plus his health problems returned such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol, and he was experiencing trouble swallowing. Yet, he was able to transform his life with a LAP-BAND® to sleeve revision. Thanks to Dr. Roshek and the team at the Nicholson Clinic he was able to get healthy and achieve significant long-term weight loss. He’s down 305 pounds and feels 10 times younger!

The Nicholson Clinic team is one of the top weight loss surgery centers in the country, and offers not only the latest, most effective procedures, but some of the lowest prices for top tier healthcare.
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LAP-BAND® Removal

A LAP-BAND® removal is a minimally invasive procedure where we laparoscopically remove the LAP-BAND® so the stomach returns to its normal pre-operative state. Not only do we offer the highest level of bariatric care, but patients are saving thousands of dollars by coming to us for LAP-BAND® removal.

The cost can be as low as $2,500 compared to $15,000 - $20,000 in other states. And our fee includes all pre and post-operative office visits with the Nicholson Clinic medical team, the surgical fee for Nicholson Clinic doctors, the hospital facility fee, surgical fee for anesthesiologist and pre-operative blood work and EKG. Post-operative blood work is NOT included.
LAP-BAND® Revision

A LAP-BAND® revision is a minimally invasive procedure where we laparoscopically remove the LAP-BAND® so the stomach returns to its normal pre-operative state, then add on another weight loss procedure that is more effective and long-lasting such as a gastric sleeve or a duodenal switch. The cost depends on type of revision needed and individual case but a band to sleeve revision could be as low as $10,000 (the same price as a plain sleeve) if we are able to do the procedure at the Surgery Center, all in one stage.

Please note, in a band revision, we DO NOT CHARGE for the band removal. Other bariatric surgeons charge for the band removal, but Nicholson Clinic never charges additional surgeon fees for a band removal when revising to a sleeve, bypass or duodenal switch at the same surgical session. Some hospitals may charge an additional fee for the band removal.

Have a LAP-BAND® but not losing weight anymore? Dr. Nick Nicholson discusses the importance of having your LAP-BAND® checked on Good Morning Texas.

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