Gastric Bypass

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“I’m excited I was able to lose weight with my best friend! Life’s so much better.”

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Transformation Stories: Ilana

“I have energy, I am off my acid reflux and blood pressure medications. I don’t hide behind people to take pictures. I went from size 3x to medium. I love my healthy life. The most amazing thing is the way I see food. I don’t live to eat but I eat to live. Thank you, Dr. Nick and staff, for giving me my life back.”

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Transformation Stories: Melissa

“My whole life, I never got any compliments on my weight.  Now I love hearing ‘you look amazing! Never once in my life I thought I would have a single digit pant number. Let alone a size zero! My weight kept me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do. Now I can be me!”

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Transformation Stories: Mandy

“May of this year I topped the scale at 430 pounds. The day I met Dr. Long, I weighed 409, and today, four-and-a-half months from surgery, I weigh 298. I still have a journey but I feel amazing. No acid reflux. I am able to work out six days a week. I can walk with my daughter and keep up. I went from a size 30/32 to currently a 18/20. I can’t wait for the next six months to see where I am. I truly am so happy I had this revision and love this clinic.”

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Transformation Story: Deena

“I truly do have a new life. The Nicholson Clinic and this surgery completely changed my life. I am happier overall, I feel great, I feel like I look great. My family is proud of me and I am proud of myself. My kids love that I can run around with them and do anything they want to do. I can jump on our trampoline with them now! I am now off of all medications, and no longer need a CPAP to sleep. I have no more pain in my body, and have not had any more knee troubles. I could not be happier with my life and my health.”

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