Preparing for Surgery

Are you ready for your surgery?  Below is a checklist to help guide you through the steps necessary for your upcoming surgery.

  • Have you been to the hospital Pre-Admission department to complete the admission procedure? Don’t forget to sign the required forms and make sure any pre-op testing ordered by your surgeon has been completed.
  • If your surgeon has ordered an EGD for you, this will be scheduled at the appropriate time prior to surgery by our office.
  • If your surgeon ordered tests that you completed with another physician or at another facility, have the results been sent to our office?  Please have them faxed to (972) 608-0005.
  • Have you been following your 2 week Pre-Op Diet?
  • Do you know where to go the day of surgery?
  • Have all your questions been answered and your concerns addressed?  If you have any questions please call (972) 494-3100.

You will receive a phone call from Nicholson Clinic one business day prior to surgery informing you of your arrival time on your day of surgery.  Please disregard arrival times given to you prior to this date or from anyone other than someone from our office.

If you did not receive a phone call or could not understand the message, please call Nicholson Clinic for your arrival time at (972) 494-3100.