Educational Series

Know the facts & make the right choice for you.

With so many weight loss options available it’s hard to know “what’s the right choice for me”?

To help you make the best decision for you, you need to know the facts. For the next three months we will focus on three areas: cost of obesity and weight loss surgery; why weight loss programs, medication, or tele-health providers might not be a long-term viable option for you; and why it’s important to seek out the most qualified bariatric surgeon and best procedure for your individual needs.

Each month we’ll provide information on our website and social media. We’ll post blogs, Facebook Live “Lunch and Learn” sessions, and share stats and info on these topics so you can make the best choice for you!

I choose freedom.

Live healthy and invest in yourself. The cost of obesity is high. Weight loss surgery can actually save you money in the long term and save your life.

Individuals with obesity have significantly higher healthcare costs than people of normal weight, and have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, joint disease, cancer, and other life-threatening conditions. In many cases, bariatric surgery is considered a medical necessity and is at least partially covered by most insurance companies, provided the patient meets their requirements. If gong the self-pay route, weight loss surgery is affordable and easy to finance.

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I choose change.

Looking to lose weight and get healthy once and for all? Stop chasing diet plans and spending thousands of dollars on weight loss gimmicks with results that are only temporary.

While certain weight loss medications and diet programs can be effective for some, they tend to be more viable options for patients with a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and without underlying health conditions. In addition, studies show weight loss plans and medicine often result in only temporary weight loss and once the medication is stopped or the program is complete, people tend to regain the weight. For many, the only way to truly lose weight and keep it off is to recalibrate your system with minimally invasive weight loss surgery.

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I choose me.

Choosing yourself is putting you and your family first by not compromising your health. If you are ready to get healthy, choose the best care available.

Make sure your bariatric surgeon is highly qualified, works at the best facilities and offers the safest, most effective procedures. Dr. Nick Nicholson founded the Nicholson Clinic in Texas over 20 years ago and he and his team of world-class bariatric surgeons have helped over 25,000 patients, from 50 states and 11 countries, reverse obesity. We are credentialed at top-tier facilities and pride ourselves on low complication rates, and proven outcomes. Why wouldn’t you choose the best?

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When you are making a life-changing decision like weight loss surgery, it’s important to know all the facts. For long-term, safe, significant weight loss, choose Nicholson Clinic for an affordable, smart financial investment in a lifetime of health.

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