It’s Time To Act On Obesity

Why can’t I lose weight? It may be time to recalibrate your system.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight without any luck, it may not be that you are doing anything wrong, but that you are fighting against natural and normal processes in your body that regulate body weight and fat levels.

The body finds a ‘natural set point’ or body-fat-level and maintains that point within its environment. Diets may temporarily alter this point, but generally the body will return to its natural set point.

Bariatric surgery may change the way the body responds to the environment. i.e. changing the ‘natural set point’ for a body. Instead of fighting the set point like a diet does, surgery may recalibrate it by altering the hormones that stimulate weight gain. After surgery a body regulates itself to a new set point, allowing the patient to lose weight.

Three things you can take away from this video:

  1. Obesity is a disease influenced by the external environment. (i.e. the fault is not entirely your own)
  2. The body works against diet and exercise to try and maintain a specific body-fat-level.
  3. Bariatric surgery may enable patients to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

It’s time to change the conversation about obesity. It’s time to look beyond diet and exercise as the only solutions. It’s time to act on obesity.