Join Our Facebook Support Group

Losing weight is easier when you’re not alone. At Nicholson Clinic, our mantra is “With You All The Way.” We believe wholeheartedly that you should not be alone on your journey to lose weight and get healthy. That’s why we have created a new Weight Loss Support Group on Facebook. This group is intended for Nicholson Clinic weight loss surgery patients who are scheduled for or who have had weight loss surgery to connect with others on the same journey and to encourage and motivate each other toward health.

Join us and others like you. Here’s how:

  1. Search “Nicholson Clinic Weight Loss Support Group” on Facebook, or click this link and request to join the group:

Once you have been verified as a Nicholson Clinic patient, one of our support group administrators will add you to our group within 7 business days.

Note: You must be a within 2 weeks of your surgery date in order to join.