Fitness is crucial for bariatric surgery patients as it helps improve overall health, can aid in weight loss, increase cardiovascular fitness, and contribute to better long-term weight management after surgery. Additionally, it can help address comorbidities associated with obesity, such as diabetes and hypertension, leading to an improved quality of life.

Nicholson Clinic is your partner in your journey to health and offers programs specifically designed for post-bariatric surgery patients.

Based on this simple equation, it is possible to lose weight by reducing caloric intake alone, but aerobic exercise and strength training help to maintain weight and reduce risks of many health conditions.

Keeping up with routine exercise can be challenging when left on your own. Nicholson Clinic is your partner on your journey toward physical fitness and good health. We offer programs specifically designed for post-bariatric surgery patients. Please check facebook for dates and times.

Support Options for Patients Led by Fitness Experts

Personalized exercise programs through highly-trained exercise specialists.

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Kourage Health, by Baylor Plano

Kourage Health offers personalized exercise programs crafted just for you by their highly trained exercise specialists, with in-person and virtual sessions, all offered FREE of charge! And you can also bring a guest for free!



  • Experience the life-changing benefits of Kourage Health from the comfort of your own home with their virtual services. Led by encouraging exercise specialists, they offer a variety of live Zoom classes and one-on-one support via telephone or Zoom calls.

The only requirement to enroll in Kourage Health is a physician referral. Ask your Nicholson Clinic doctor to provide your referral and a representative from Kourage Health will reach out quickly to help you take control of your health and well-being. Learn More

Patient Led Fitness Groups
One thing we’ve learned in all our years of experience, is that our patients find great inspiration and motivation in each other! That’s why we aim to connect our patients with each other in various ways. One of which is through patient-led fitness groups. If you want to connect with others on the journey and are looking for other patients to exercise with as you motivate each other — whether in person, virtually together or virtually on your own — check out our Facebook Support Group for more on these unique opportunities.

Hosted by Michael & Deborah Tew, Nicholson Clinic Patient Fitness Ambassadors
The “Fitness Journey Challenge” is a Facebook group dedicated to helping ordinary people become more consistent in their fitness. It’s free and anyone can join!

Details at
Questions? Email Michael at to join!


Husband and wife duo Michael and Deborah have been on the weight loss journey together since both having gastric sleeve surgery in 2019. They quickly realized that one key to success following surgery was a focus on fitness. Understanding the value of accountability while also being able to do what works for you, they started the “Fitness Journey Challenge.” Each month, they invite others to join them on their fitness journey. Your choice of any 20 minute workout from anywhere at any time.

Consistency is key to building a lifestyle change. The more consistent you are with your workouts, they greater your chances of winning. People of all fitness levels join the group, learn from each other and find accountability. It’s win, win!

Together, Deborah and Michael have lost more than 270 pounds, and they’ve done it not just by eating right, but by continually working to improve their fitness. Read their Transformation Story!
Check out the Fitness Journey Challenge here to learn how it works and how to join the group!

Insurance and Self-Pay Options

Kaitlyn Gannon, M.S. CSCS is an exercise physiologist and founder of Svelte Performance, a workout facility offering a clinical fitness program for weight loss surgery patients. She previously helped develop the cardiac and bariatric fitness programs at Baylor and taught medical fitness classes to Nicholson Clinic patients. Svelte Performance is contracted with NEXTGEN RPM to bill your insurance for 300 minutes per month, which is roughly two 45 minute sessions per week. Your training can be done via ZOOM from anywhere in the US, but if you wish to see us in person your training will be located at 4101 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas 75204 at the Svelte Performance location. You will pay a $30 per month gym membership to the facility. Call: 214-244-8008 or email:

To help you get moving and stay motivated check out our Get Fit, Stay Fit blog, a
collection of exercise tips and workout ideas.

Get Fit & Stay Fit Blog

To help you get moving and stay motivated check out our Get Fit & Stay Fit blog, a collection of exercise tips and workout ideas.

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