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Yoga for Anybody, Anywhere

May 08, 2018

By Jaimee Hunter, RYT200 Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga is for anybody, and anybody can access a yoga routine anywhere!

The following Surya Namaskar A variation is an accessible yoga sequence that anyone can do anywhere, home, office, etc. Using a chair provides sturdy support for anyone with balance issues. Note: The chair should be placed against a wall to keep it from sliding out from under you. It is not recommended to do this in a rolling chair in order to avoid falling hazards.

Additionally, so many of us work at a desk where we are stationary for the majority of our day. This sequence, repeated three to five times, could energize you before your next task, stave off the desire to snack from the vending machine, and inspire creativity for that big project.

Tadasana, Mountain Pose

Just like in the traditional Sun Salute A, Mountain pose requires a sturdy foundation. Start by sitting on the edge of your chair with your knees hip-width distance apart. Lift your toes, spread them wide, and lay them down gently, pressing your big toe knuckle, little toe knuckle, inside and outside of your heels into the ground. You will maintain this foundation for all of the poses to come. Firm your abdominals and make sure your shoulders are down away from your ears with your collar bones spread wide.

Upward  Hands Pose

Inhale, circle your arms up over your head for Upward Hands Pose. Remember to keep your shoulders down away from your ears and your chest open. You can place your palms together or keep them slightly apart if that feels better to your shoulders. Also, with a slight curve of your spine, you can add a slight back bend if that is available to you.

Deep Forward Fold

On your exhale, swan dive down to place your hands or finger tips on the ground on either side of your feet. Wherever your hands land today, make sure your belly is sandwiched to your thighs, keeping your abdominals firm.

Half Lift

  • Exhale, Deep Forward Fold
  • Inhale, Upward Hands Pose
  • Exhale, Deep Forward Fold

Apanasana, Knee to Chest Pose

  • Inhale, Upward Hands Pose
  • Inhale, Knee to Chest Pose (opposite side)

Watch my video of the Surya Namaskar A variation on my Facebook page.

May you find the joy of yoga anywhere you go. The light within me honors and bows to the light within each of you. Namaste.

About the Author
Jaimee Hunter is a Nicholson Clinic patient and registered yoga teacher. Since her surgery in 2015, Jaimee has maintained a weight loss of more than 100 pounds by making healthy changes in her diet and lifestyle habits. She has received her designation as a Registered Yoga Teacher and instructs a monthly yoga class for Nicholson Clinic patients. To read more about Jaimee’s story, click here