Transformation Stories: Mandy

Transformation Stories: Mandy

Nov 24, 2020

Ten years ago, Mandy had gastric sleeve surgery. After experiencing weight regain, she made the decision to have sleeve-to-bypass revision surgery with Dr. Long. She has already lost 111 pounds in 4 1/2 months. This is her story.

Life Before Surgery

“I had the gastric sleeve 10 years ago and I lost roughly 50 pounds with it, however I started gaining back pretty soon in that journey. I was able to eat a lot of slider foods that I should not have and the mindset for me was not in the right place. Also the acid reflux I had was very painful.

“After struggling with my weight for almost all my life I made a plan this year was going to be my year. I turn 40 this November and after a rough last few years, I wanted to focus on me. I want to see my kids get married and have their own families. I wanted to not have to take blood pressure and thyroid medicine. I wanted to walk to my car and not be out of breath. I wanted to go on an airplane and not spill into the next chair and need the seatbelt extender.”

The Nicholson Clinic Process

The whole process was super quick. I would say within five to six weeks of meeting Dr. Long, I was approved by my insurance and had surgery scheduled. Dr. Long was amazing and answered all my questions and he really made me feel safe and secure with my decision for a revision. I didn’t feel judged or anything. Jordan helped me through the process of getting approved and surgery scheduled. Sweet Candace always answers my emails no matter how small or silly my questions may have been. Having the Facebook classes with her each month and the private Facebook group page has helped me so much!

“The support is amazing and I truly believe has made me so successful for this revision surgery. I have met with Adam a few times also and he is top notch. Never makes you feel rushed or like your just another person. He has made me feel so important and like I really do matter and he wants me to be successful also. I also joined a gym I found on the clinic website. It’s called Dallas Iron Fitness. My insurance covers a trainer and I go three times a week and that really has helped me. I’m grateful for the clinic having that on the website so I could learn about that.”

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

“May of this year I topped the scale at 430 pounds. The day I met Dr. Long, I weighed 409, and today, four-and-a-half months from surgery, I weigh 298. I still have a journey but I feel amazing. No acid reflux. I am able to work out six days a week. I can walk with my daughter and keep up. I went from a size 30/32 to currently a 18/20. I can’t wait for the next six months to see where I am. I truly am so happy I had this revision and love this clinic.”

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