Tonyah’s Story*

Tonyah’s Story*

Nov 2, 2023

Who would have thought 70 pounds would not only change your life but save it. That is what the Gastric Sleeve has done for me. My doctor called me a triple threat meaning I had the big 3, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and of course diabetes 2. The last A1C reading I had before Dr. Nicholson did my sleeve was an 11.8, my blood sugar was 300 daily. I was on 4 different medicines for my diabetes 2 injection and 2 oral medicines, all at the highest dosage, and with high blood pressure and cholesterol pill daily. I had to go on a leave of absence right before I decided to do the sleeve due to my health. My doctor told me I must have the sleeve because my kidney was starting to become damaged due to diabetes. I could not fight having the surgery anymore and had to do it.

I don’t like hospitals and hate to go under so I had been fighting my doctor for about a year. Once I got it in my head that I could die due to my health I went to see Dr. Nicholson. He and his staff were great and my surgery went very well. As of today I have lost 70 pounds, down from a size 22 to a size 12. My blood pressure and cholesterol is normal and I’m off of the medicine, also I’ve gone from 4 medicines for my diabetes to 1 – and it’s the lowest dosage available. My last A1C reading was a 6.1 which is normal; I have not had a normal blood sugar reading in over 15 years. My doctor said if my next A1C is normal she will take me off the last pill that I take for diabetes and I will be medicine free. I just want to thank Dr. Nicholson for this fresh start in my life with good health. I’m very blessed to still be here after all the years of bad health I took my body through due to my weight.

~ Tonyah

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