Transformation Stories: Tatum

Transformation Stories: Tatum

May 24, 2022

Tatum had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Nicholson in July 2021. Since surgery, she has lost more than 75 pounds! This is her story.

Life Before Surgery
“Life before surgery was really hard mentally and physically. I was known as the fat funny friend at least that’s how I felt inside. I really hid behind clothes; I would feel like I looked like a “curtain” in some instances in large group settings etc. Although I know I am pretty it took a while for me to gain my confidence back. I decided to have surgery because I was having liver issues-leading to fatty liver disease due to my poor diet. Had I not made the decision to do so or lost the large amount of weight on my own I’m not sure where I would be exactly.”

The Nicholson Clinic Experience
“The Nicholson Clinic staff was great, and it was a very interesting process. It can be a little harder than it looks to complete the pre-op and post-op diets but I think if you change your mindset it really can work the way you need it to. Dr. Nick was great! I really dreaded afterwards though (he warned me of this prior) and the gas pains were the worst part for me.”

Life After Surgery
“Life now is much different. I am noticed more and I feel better mentally and physically. I believe I have lost close to 80 pounds. I have since been back to my liver doctor and the MRI showed that my weight loss has positively affected my liver. Obviously, my clothes are smaller, I have had to get an entire NEW wardrobe. It is a little harder sticking to a diet outside of being home. I am human and I definitely haven’t been perfect through the entire process eating wise, but overall I do try to stick with the recommendations offered.”

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