Transformation Stories

  • Transformation Stories: Heather

    by Melody None | Sep 28, 2021

    before gastric sleeve surgery
    Life Before Surgery
    Life before my surgery was getting really hard. My feet and legs were always hurting. My blood pressure, acid reflux, and prediabetes were just making life miserable, I just felt so lethargic and “yucky” all the time. I was always embarrassed to go anywhere, I was so self conscious of how I looked so I just started to stay home. I couldn’t play with my kids, I couldn’t move around very well, it was just hard all around.”

    The Nicholson Clinic Experience
    “The process with The Nicholson Clinic was wonderful! They made everything so easy. They answered all my questions about the surgery, the healing process, the life long changes that I needed to make and everything in-between. They were all so kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Roshek was very honest and confident in this surgery and how it would go. It went perfectly and the healing was quick!

    “I had my sleeve surgery at The Surgicare Baylor in Garland, they were amazing! They took such great care of me, informed my family of everything I needed to know for when I got home and just provided excellent care.”

    after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery
    Life After Surgery

    This is the BEST thing I could have done for myself! I feel AMAZING! I’m confident, I go places, I play with my kids and we do all kinds of fun things now. My feet and legs no longer hurt, my acid reflux and pre diabetes is all gone. I feel like a new person! I would do it again a million times! I had surgery 7/09/2020 I have lost a total of 115 pounds, just amazing!”

  • Transformation Stories: Rachel

    by Melody None | Sep 21, 2021

    before gastric sleeve surgery
    Life Before Surgery
    Life before surgery was rough but I still enjoyed life! I always want people to know that I was “happy” at a heavier weight but the weight definitely impacted my life. At my highest, I weighed 335lbs. I am 5’7” tall. I was always tired, had to request a seat belt extender every time I flew and couldn’t ride rides at amusement parks. I teach high school and take my seniors to Six Flags every year. I always lied and said I was scared of roller coasters. This past May, I rode the rides!  It was the best feeling ever; second to being able to cross my legs all the time!  

    I choose the surgery simply to be healthier. While I don’t have my own children I have many nieces and nephews that I wanted to be around for. I also wanted to be healthier to indulge in my love of travel.  

    after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

    The Nicholson Clinic Experience
    For me the process with Nicholson Clinic and Dr. Long was amazing. My insurance didn’t cover the surgery so being a cash patient it was much quicker. I made the conscious decision in March to investigate the surgery. Had a consultation sometime in May and surgery scheduled for July 9. I was traveling in June, otherwise it would have been sooner. The consults with all the required personnel were easy (met via Zoom during COVID), personable and they answered all the questions. I had my surgery at Baylor Surgicare in Garland and they were great! Nurses were very friendly and joking around before my surgery, and they were hands on after surgery. The PA I’ve seen for every Post-Op visit is the ABSOLUTE BEST! He genuinely cares, asks questions and makes sure he is as invested in this as I am! So so so encouraging!  

    Life After Surgery
    Life now—that’s the million dollar question! It’s amazing! I won’t lie—there are days that mentally you question every piece of food that goes in your mouth. You question that one pound gain and freak out.  


    I feel so good about myself (don’t get me wrong I felt great about myself before too!)  I had no complications from surgery; I’m healthier; I can move quicker and further than before; I’m in clothes that I haven’t seen in decades and actually have to buy frequently because I’m still shrinking. I go to amusement parks; I wore a two piece to Vegas; no more seat belt extender on planes and just enjoy life. My disposition (probably because I’m not as tired) is much happier and noticeable by friends and family.  

    Hands down this was the best decision ever. Ultimately I’d like to lose a few more pounds but my body is happy right around 198-200.  

  • Transformation Stories: Sarah

    by Melody None | Jun 23, 2021

    After being diagnosed with PCOS and learning she would be unable to have a child of her own, Sarah underwent gastric sleeve surgery. A decision that changed her life in more ways than one. This is her story.

    Life Before Surgery

    “I was constantly sick, I would throw up every night and I was constantly hungry. I was diagnosed with PCOS and was informed that I was unable to have children. I was in constant pain and discomfort, it triggered self doubt within me.”

    Sarah made the decision to contact Nicholson Clinic. After her consultation and tests, it was also determined that Sarah had a hiatal hernia that could be repaired at the same time as her gastric sleeve procedure. She had underwent surgery in 2016 with Dr. Roshekbefore gastric sleeve surgery

    The Nicholson Clinic Experience

    “Everyone was very friendly and proactive with me telling me they will take care of everything I just need to do my part. Within six months of having surgery, I was down 100 pounds and back to feeling myself.” 

    Life After Surgery

    Following her procedure and weight loss, Sarah’s leg pain is gone. Her cycles were back to normal, and she finally started to live her life, even doing a little modeling! The biggest change for Sarah, however, is that she was able to have her own baby and is now the mother of a beautiful baby girl. “I’m very thankful that I had the surgery. My healing process went by very quickly and it’s just been amazing,” she says. “I have a baby girl, a loving husband and I’m on top of the world!”
    after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

  • Transformation Stories: Amanda

    by Melody None | May 25, 2021

    In July 2020, Amanda made the decision to take control of her health. She had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Long. Since surgery, Amanda is down 70 pounds! This is her story.

    Life Before Surgery
    “Before surgery I tried many ‘diets’ and workout plans. These would work temporarily but never a long term solution. I would lose a little weight and then it would come back. I was very unhappy with my size. I really hated shopping! I reached out to an old high school friend that had the surgery to get more information. Her results were amazing and she referred me to the Nicholson Clinic.
    patient before gastric sleeve surgery
    The Nicholson Clinic Experience
    Everything from the time I scheduled my initial appointment has been smooth. I feel like they just talked me through the process from the beginning and I never felt pressured. The staff has been helpful when needed. Dr. Long always made me feel comfortable and listened to me and some doctors just don’t do that. I feel like the staff really wanted to help me and I wasn’t just another patient for them.
    patient after gastric sleeve surgery
    Life After Surgery
    Since surgery my life has been way different. I have lost just over 70 pounds. I am working out six days a week and have even started running! That was something I never would do before. We even do a timed mile in my workout class and I can run a nine-minute mile. I get told all the time how amazing I look and it just really makes me feel so good to hear those words from the people in my life. I am so grateful to Dr. Long and the Nicholson Clinic.
    patient after gastric sleeve surgery

  • Transformation Stories: Chandria

    by Melody None | Apr 06, 2021

    Life Before Surgery

    “I’m a single mom of one son. After my divorce, I devoted all of my time to making sure my son was well taken care of, but in the process, I neglected myself. When my son graduated from high school, I decided to focus on getting my life back. My family has a history of high blood pressure and diabetes, and these are ailments I didn’t want. I had previously looked into having surgery but opted to try and do it on my own. But I found this task to be difficult, my eating habits were trash and physical activity was often a chore because the weight caused joint pain. Illness in late 2018, early 2019 had me at my heaviest of 315 pounds, mind you, I’m only 5’4. I reconsidered and decided to make a go at surgery.”
    before gastric sleeve surgery

    The Nicholson Clinic Experience

    “My initial consultation was uneventful, as I had done the research and some of the surgery prerequisites previously before moving to Texas. Dr. Nick and the staff made the experience not only informative but eased my mind to no end. The entire process was so easy. The information provided during the process helped me to think of food differently and redirect my mind to a healthier lifestyle. I also think the process was somewhat easy, because I was READY for a change. Post-op was probably a little different for me than most because my process was in the midst of COVID. The staff kept in contact with me and was available to answer any questions or concerns. Dr. Nick and his staff are exceptional in how they cared for me.”
    after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

    Life After Surgery

    “Many think weight loss surgery is the easy way out, this is far from the truth. The process is more mental than anything. Not only has my journey been physical, but it has been emotional, in that I never realized how much I had neglected myself. It has also been spiritual in that I realized that I was made unique and that my journey is for me and me only. My purpose is to be a living example to show that self care is essential in being able to help others. Life now is fantabulous. I’m able to make better food choices and the highlight is being able to move and be active without pain. Seeing results is my motivation to keep pushing. So far, I’ve lost 87 pounds.”

  • Transformation Stories: Tracy

    by Melody None | Mar 23, 2021

    Since having gastric sleeve surgery, Tracy is down 84 pounds! This is her story.

    before gastric sleeve surgery

    Life Before Surgery

    “Life before surgery was exhausting to say the least. I felt uncomfortable in all my clothes and sleep was horrible. I guess overall I felt pretty insignificant. I decided to have surgery because of Covid. I didn’t want to be considered “high risk” because I was overweight.”

    Nicholson Clinic Experience

    “The pre-op staff was all great and supportive. I like that they had me speak with a nutritionist and/or psychologist prior to surgery to be sure that I was ready. Post-op staff checks on you after surgery and follow-up visits with the office staff have been great and very encouraging. My questions about vitamins or blood work are always addressed and explained.”
    after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery

    Life After Surgery

    “So far I have dropped 84 pounds (8 months out). Everything is different physically. At 55, my knees don’t ache anymore, my lower back issues are gone, I have a ton more energy and I sleep like a well fed baby! Emotionally I’m learning to love myself and learning to have fun with my friends and family and not have it center on food. It’s hard and sometimes I still see the heavy lady and feel fat, but then I remember I’m not her anymore. I eat for nutrition now, not just because it tastes good. My energy is amazing, some saggy skin here and there but I think it may be manageable. Thank you Dr. Long and Nicholson Clinic!”

  • Transformation Stories: John

    by Melody None | Feb 02, 2021

    John has lost more than 100 pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery. This is his story.
    gastric sleeve surgery patient

    Life Before Surgery

    “I gradually gained weight over a six to seven year period till I hit my top weight of 327. At this point, I decided it was time for a change. I had done diets before and lost 30-35 pounds but nothing long term. My physical exercise had gone to zero, not even being able to enjoy a short walk with my wife. I had become sedentary without even knowing it.

    “My personal ‘ah-ha’ moment was visiting my mother. She has a knee problem that has left it very hard for her to move easily. She had gained 60-70 pounds and was hardly moving. You could say that scared me into action. Knowing that I did not want to be without movement due to my weight in my later years. Shopping in the big and tall section for 4X shirts and 54-inch pants was embarrassing, which led to a lot of online ordering of poor fitting clothing. Being able to shop for a large shirt and 36-inch pants is much more enjoyable.”

    The Nicholson Clinic Experience

    “I had consulted with another weight loss doctor and felt the experience was very impersonal, with no real concern with the welfare of the patient, only the ability to perform the surgery and collect the fee. While visiting with Dr. Roshek, the one thing he said that resonated with me was that weight loss surgery was just a tool in the tool box. That without a commitment to a lifestyle change centered around food and exercise, surgery would be a waste. Also the fact that he told me up front not to get hung up on a number for weight loss. The challenge of losing five percent of your body weight before surgery was key in that it helped you prove to yourself that you can do it.  

    “Nicholson Clinic staff was very personable and non-judgmental. When you are so overweight for so long, you invent reasons not to do things and always think that someone else is judging you as a person that can't handle themselves. At the Nicholson Clinic, I always felt like everyone there was behind me and willing to help at any point. Granted, I did not avail myself of the many support programs Nicholson Clinic offers, it was nice knowing they were there. Best thing about Dr. Roshek is that he always seemed confident in what I was doing, which in turn gave me confidence to be successful.”

    My Weight Loss Journey

    “One thing I did to help with my food intake was to keep a food diary in a small 4x2 paper binder. Just what I ate, when I ate it, the calorie count and the protein count. Each morning, I would tally the day before and see if it was a good day. If not, I would look to see what I needed to do differently to make it a good day. This helped me enormously along the way. I kept it for a solid year.

    “On the day I decided to start losing the pre-surgery weight, I took measurements of myself, chest, stomach, thigh, neck so I would have some means of comparison. This is also something I would highly recommend to other weight loss surgery patients.”

    Life After Surgery

    “Life now is completely different. I have lost 109 pounds so far and continue to lose. I move much more easily, free of the little aches and pains. I walk three-to-five miles a day to keep myself going. I am able to work longer with more focus since I am not worried about how long I can stand/move.

    "My wife introduces me as her "boyfriend," which after 33 years of marriage is pretty cool. My parents see me and ask where the rest of me went! My energy level is off the chart, as my 28-year-old tells me that I am constantly moving and need something to do all the time. I like looking at the "guy in the mirror." He has done well and will keep doing well for himself and his family.”

  • Transformation Stories: Ilana

    by Melody None | Jan 26, 2021

    Ilana has lost 105 pounds since having gastric bypass surgery and is just a few pounds from her goal weight. This is her story.
    before and after photo showing weight loss of gastric bypass patient
    Life Before Surgery

    “Before my surgery, I had no energy, walking more than a few steps was hard, my ankles would swell, my back and ankles hurt and I had bad heartburn. I was also on 2 blood pressure medications.

    On July 15 2020, my life changed. I had gastric bypass surgery with Dr Nick. He gave me my life back. 

    The Nicholson Clinic Experience

    “The staff and Dr. Nick are so easy to work with. During my initial office visit, Dr. Nick explained the surgery options I had and together we came to the decision that gastric bypass was the best option for me. He answered all my questions, explained the process of the surgery and what to expect after the surgery. 

    “The clinic has a person you can go to after the surgery that answers any questions you may have. When I hit a point that I was not losing weight, I met with Candace. When I left, I knew I could finish my journey. 

    Life After Surgery

    “I have lost 103 pounds, I have energy, I am off my acid reflux and blood pressure medications. I don't hide behind people to take pictures. I went from size 3x to medium. I love my healthy life. The most amazing thing is the way I see food. I don't live to eat but I eat to live. Thank you Dr. Nick and staff for giving me my life back.”

  • Transformation Stories: Mark

    by Melody None | Jan 12, 2021

    Mark has lost 100 pounds (and counting!) following gastric sleeve surgery with Nicholson Clinic. This is his story.

    Life Before Surgery
    NC - Transformation - Blogs (11)

    "Before my surgery I was 381 pounds, wore a 5XL shirt, 48 pants and 3XL shorts.  After walking from one end of my house to the other I would have to catch my breath.  I couldn't go to the gun range, my favorite hobby, for more than a few minutes without my back hurting.  Unable to sit in a booth at a restaurant, snorkeling and scuba diving were impossible.  Embarrassed to be in pictures and ashamed of how I had let myself get this out of control and I was fed up with how limited I was. 

    "At this time I was considered a diabetic with a 5.9 A1C, high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol and an enlarged liver.  My fiancé suggested weight loss surgery and we found the Nicholson Clinic.  Dr. Nicholson told me this was the opportunity to push the reset button on my life and get back to where I wanted to be.  So I made the decision to turn my life around and went through with gastric sleeve surgery.  All for my family, friends, children, soon to be spouse and most importantly myself. 

    "On June 22, 2020, I started the pre-op diet at 381 pounds.  Following the diet to the letter I lost 30 pounds in the two weeks leading up to surgery.  It wasn't fun but my will to get healthy pushed me through.  After surgery I was not hurting as bad as I thought I would be.  Pain lasted a few days at the most and by Friday, after surgery on Monday, I was working from home again without pain and I was loosing multiple pounds per day."

    Life After Surgery  
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    "Post surgery I have followed the diet to loose an additional 70+ pounds.  In November 2020 I hit the 100 pound lost milestone, a mere five months since deciding to loose weight.  Three days a week I meet with a personal trainer for an hour a day of weight lifting.  The transformation my body has gone through has exceeded my wildest expectations.  I never thought I could loose this much but I now have arms, forming a chest, glutes and legs.  Going to the gym is something I now look forward to as I see the results.  My back doesn't hurt, I can spend hours at the gun range, helped move firewood across my parents acre property all without breathing heavy or breaking a sweat.  

    "I'm excited about all the activities I can do now.  I can buy clothes in a regular store vs a big and tall only.  I have confidence in my being.  My family and friends can see it in my face and demeanor.  I feel SO much better, not just medical but mentally.  My A1C is now a 4.9!  My cholesterol is normal and my blood pressure medicine has been cut in HALF.  Now I am currently in a 2XLT shirt, 42 pants and 1XL shorts quickly moving to lower sizes with my weight in the upper 270's.  

    The hardest part is the mental.  Once you have mentally made up your mind to change, the rest is easy.  I'm not hungry, I eat five times or so per day with a heavy protein diet.  If I can do it, anyone can.  The Nicholson Clinic has been a dream come true."

  • Transformation Stories: Melissa

    by Melody None | Dec 28, 2020

    Melissa has struggled with her weight since she was a child, but she has not given up. After a Lap Band, two revisions and a tummy tuck, she has now found her way to success. She went from a size 16 to a zero. Here’s her story of perseverance and how “her outside now matches her inside.”

    “I’ve been overweight since I was four years old. In high school, I wore a size 26.” Weight had been an issue for Melissa for as long as she could remember. In 2008, she weighed about 240 pounds and was a single mom with a one year old. “I was miserable. I couldn’t keep up with my son or do the things I wanted to do.” Her sister just had Lap Band surgery and after seeing results, she gifted Melissa a Lap Band as well, wanting her to be healthy and happy.
    NC - Transformation - Blogs (10)

    After getting the Lap Band in 2008, Melissa did see some weight loss. “I named my Lap Band ‘Victoria’ and she became my best friend!” Melissa was down to 170 pounds and doing well. “Then I slowly crept up to about 190 and was a size 12. I was ok with that weight but started having some complications, so came into the Nicholson Clinic for an evaluation.” There was no band slippage or erosion, but she started having some trouble swallowing. “In August 2017, I weighed about 210, took out ‘Victoria’ (my Lap Band) and had a sleeve revision.”

    Melissa had a hard time managing her new sleeve. She had her thyroid removed a month after surgery. “I gave up.” She eventually caused a pouch at the bottom of her sleeve, essentially creating a second stomach. Melissa would snack and eventually starting drinking sodas. “I was working at a school dance and the only thing to drink there was soda. This became a slippery slope and before I knew it, I was drinking six to seven cokes per day. I started having bad gastric reflux. It was very painful. I tried to manage it with crushed ice every day to help soothe my esophagus, and I even bought prescription antacid in Mexico. I knew this wasn’t working and needed to go see Dr. Nick.”

    When Melissa came in for an evaluation in November 2019, her diagnostic was clear, the acid reflux was a serious issue and the sleeve had to go. “We decided to do a sleeve to bypass revision. Dr. Nick made me set realistic expectations. I was 239 at this doctor visit. We set a goal to lose about 70 pounds, which sounded great. My insurance was approved quickly. I started the pre-op diet on December 14, lost 10 pounds, and had surgery on December 23.”

    “I had a great recovery. I was walking the mall in four days. I went back to the Nicholson Clinic for my 10-day post-op. I’ll never forget what Rick, the PA, said to me. He was congratulating me on this quick success and asked about my goal, saying ‘what do you want to be?’ I started telling him how much weight I wanted to lose. He said, ‘forget about the scale, forget about the weight, what SIZE do you want to be?’ I told him I wanted to be a size 10 and wear a size large shirt. He told me I’d be in a bikini by this summer!
    NC - Transformation - Blogs (9)
    Over the next few months the weight was coming off but then Melissa hit a stall, right about the time COVID started. “I work in a school system and right after spring break we never went back to school. No gyms were open, I lost motivation.” Melissa was at 165-167 about this time. It was much better than where she started at 239, she was a size 10-12 and was happy, but still she felt she could do more. “After only three months, at 165 pounds, it was too soon to give up.” I eventually saw Dr. Roshek, who referred me to Dr. Trovato and got a tummy tuck on August 18. “Insurance paid for part of it, the panniculectomy,” the procedure to remove the excess skin tissue from the lower abdomen. “I had to pay for the rest. Which might not seem like a good financial decision for a single mom working for the school district. But, I’ve learned I have to take care of me. I have to do what I need for me.”

    “I changed my mindset and started walking and the weight just started dropping off – five, six, seven pounds a week. I was hoping to be a size eight. Then I was a size six. Then a size four, then a size two. My lowest weight was 140 and I’m consistently around 143.”

    Update: Since our interview with Melissa, she has dropped another size and one year after her surgery, she is a size zero!

    “I dropped from a 10 to a 2 in 3 1/2 months!” What’s her secret to success? Melissa says, it’s about mindset and shares what works for her for diet and exercise. For diet, “if I want something, I take a bite of it, as long as it’s not a no-no, like soda, etc. I decided if I could just have one bite that would be enough. The second bite isn’t worth it. The second bite doesn’t taste as good as the first bite. Anything after that is just food in your mouth. That’s my biggest revelation. Then the next bite needs to be protein.” She says, “the way it feels to be skinny is so much better than the food. The feeling of being skinny is so much more satisfying than any bite of food I can take.”

    For exercise, Melissa started walking. “I’m currently walking anywhere from six to 13 miles a day. It depends on my workload. I hit 95,000 steps last week and my goal is to hit 100,000 next week.” For Melissa, it’s the motivation and feedback she gets from others that really help.

    “My whole life, I never got any compliments on my weight.  Now I love hearing ‘you look amazing! or ‘oh my gosh, how are you losing weight in COVID?’ Never once in my life I thought I would have a single digit pant number. Let alone a size zero!” Melissa is thrilled with the result and happy to have the weight gone for good. “It kept me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do. Now I can be me!”

    “I can’t speak highly enough of everyone in the office. From Debbie in the billing department, Melissa at the front desk, to Adam, Rick, Dr. Nick, and Dr. Roshek. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them! I feel like my inside now matches my outside.”

    “If I could give anyone advice I’d say, don’t give up. Keep pushing. Even to people in a stall. I was there for three months in a stall. You have to be willing to do what’s necessary. Invest in yourself and do what you need to do for you.”

  • Transformation Stories: Michael and Deborah

    by Melody None | Dec 08, 2020

    It's a fact. Couples who work to lose weight together are more likely to be successful—some studies suggest the success rate for couples is nearly three times higher.

    Michael and Deborah Tew, Nicholson Clinic Patient Fitness Ambassadors, are just one story of many Nicholson Clinic patient couples who have made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery together. Now, just over a year later — and down over 250 pounds together — they're not only motivating each other, but they've invested their energy into motivating others to stay active and lose weight.

    This is their story.

    For both Michael and Deborah, weight has been a lifelong struggle. As a teenager, Michael and his mother joined a weight loss group at their church. "I've always been aware that I had a weight problem," he said. "The kids at school made me especially aware, but I've never truly figured out how to get control of it. So my weight has always had control over me."

    Although he had tried to lose weight in the past, Michael never really believed success was possible. "Looking back at my life, I've never done anything to help control my weight that proved to myself that I could actually do anything different," Michael said. "That I could actually be successful at it. That I could actually achieve what I had always dreamed of achieving."

    Michael and Deborah were both surrounded by family members who were overweight or obese. They had a front-row seat to the toll obesity could have on a person's health and started to experience those effects themselves. "I could see how some family members struggled later in life, mainly due to weight issues that were never resolved," said Michael. "I could see myself starting to have the same issues but much earlier than they did. That scared me. So, I went looking for "radical." What could I do to radically change my health?

    Deborah watched as obesity-related health concerns claimed both her parents' lives. She knew she was headed down the same path, but lacked the tools to successfully lose weight and keep it off. "Before surgery, I had resigned myself to the fact that I was destined to follow in the footsteps of my parents and most of my family who have all struggled with being overweight and diabetic," she said. "I lost my mother when she was only 56 to a massive stroke and my father passed away in early 2020 at the age of 67 due to congestive heart failure and other complications. I was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure and had lost all motivation. I would try a diet plan and might lose 20 pounds or so, but would always gain it back and usually then some. I was miserable and felt hopeless."
    before weight loss surgery
    Together, Michael and Deborah began considering the "what ifs" of weight loss surgery. "I knew people who had weight loss surgery, some had been successful in keeping the weight off, some had not. I didn't want to have surgery, just to gain it all back. I felt like if I had surgery, surely I wouldn't be successful,” said Michael.

    But after processing his fears with Deborah and his doctors, Michael knew that bariatric surgery was an opportunity he couldn't afford to miss. "What if the weight loss tool that I needed was within reach, but I never reached for it? What a tragic loss that would be."

    Michael and Deborah both admit that they had enabled each other's bad eating habits. "We would always justify eating a treat because we wanted to celebrate something or we felt like we'd been doing good or some other excuse we made up," he said. "There were a lot of behaviors that had been modeled to us over so many years that we had to overcome."

    They were both beginning to suffer the physical, mental and emotional toll of obesity. "Before surgery I would get so tired when walking for an extended period of time and my back or knees would usually ache the next day," said Deborah.

    Fed up, it was time to take the next step. "Life was really hard and I knew that it didn't have to stay that way," Michael said. So together, they made the decision to do something about it and began the process with the Nicholson Clinic.
    before weight loss surgery
    "Deborah and I started talking about bariatric surgery and we came to the conclusion that we were scared of all the 'what ifs' that came with surgery, but we were more scared of what if we didn't do anything at all."

    Michael and Deborah were scheduled for surgery with Dr. Long on the same day. "We arrived at Baylor Plano knowing that we were doing what we were supposed to be doing," Michael said. "That didn't take away all the fears, but allowed us to feel confident with our decision."

    Now, 15 months post-op and each losing more than 100 pounds so far, Michael and Deborah are well on their way to their individual goal weight. While they recognize the journey hasn't been a walk in the park, and wasn’t meant to be, they are grateful for the tool that has helped them make real, sustainable changes and see results.

    "Since surgery I can honestly say I feel amazing and am healthier than I have ever been in my whole life," Deborah said. "When I started seeing significant weight loss, I not only physically started feeling better, but I mentally began to change and started seeing exercise as an investment in my health rather than a chore. Now I am no longer pre-diabetic and am no longer on blood pressure medication. I've lost nearly 100 lbs and while I still have more to lose I no longer feel like a healthy weight is unattainable. For this first time in my life I feel like I have the tools and support I need to lose the weight and live the rest of my life in a healthy way."
    after weight loss surgery
    Increasing their physical activity has been key for both Michael and Deborah. But it hasn't been easy. Finding motivation to stay active has been a process. One day, Michael's cousin invited him to a Facebook fitness group where individuals of all fitness levels encourage and motivate each other to keep making progress. And to sweeten the deal, every member of the group makes a small contribution to a pot that is distributed to group members at the end of the month.

    "At first it seemed a little cumbersome and scammy," said Michael. But, "it worked. It was my niche. I loved the community of having all the fitness-minded people cheering each other on every day, plus winning the money was enticing and exciting!"

    It was an experience they wanted to share with others and in July 2020, Michael and Deborah launched a "Monthly Fitness Journey Challenge" group on Facebook. Starting with just 37 members, the group has grown to more than 100 members from more than 15 states, and even one member in Europe! The group is open to anyone and Michael and Deborah encourage other Nicholson Clinic patients to join.

    Here's how it works:

    • Pays $10 to be part of the private Facebook group. (All of that money is distributed at the end of the month.)

    • Do a 20+ minute workout of your choice daily.

    • Post a sweaty selfie and a screenshot from a fitness tracker app showing your workout.

    • That post counts as an entry toward winning the pot of money collected each month.

    "For me, this group forces me to be intentional, it keeps me focused on what I’m doing and makes me keep a plan together," said Michael. "That works for me. It's important to find what works for you...Find something that makes you excited. If you're excited about it, you'll be more consistent and consistency will help you achieve your goals."
    weight loss challenge

    Going forward, Michael has set another goal for himself, something he never dreamed of doing. He has signed up to run the BMW Dallas Half Marathon. "I've thought about it for several months, wondering if it'd be possible," he said. "Exhilarated and scared all at the same time. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I know I have the tools in my toolbelt to help me get there."

    We look forward to cheering him on and seeing him achieve this goal!

  • Transformation Stories: Mandy

    by Melody None | Nov 24, 2020

    Ten years ago, Mandy had gastric sleeve surgery. After experiencing weight regain, she made the decision to have sleeve-to-bypass revision surgery with Dr. Long. She has already lost 111 pounds in 4 1/2 months. This is her story.

    Life Before Surgery
    weight loss revision surgery
    "I had the gastric sleeve 10 years ago and I lost roughly 50 pounds with it, however I started gaining back pretty soon in that journey. I was able to eat a lot of slider foods that I should not have and the mindset for me was not in the right place. Also the acid reflux I had was very painful. 

    After struggling with my weight for almost all my life I made a plan this year was going to be my year. I turn 40 this November and after a rough last few years, I wanted to focus on me. I want to see my kids get married and have their own families. I wanted to not have to take blood pressure and thyroid medicine. I wanted to walk to my car and not be out of breath. I wanted to go on an airplane and not spill into the next chair and need the seatbelt extender."

    The Nicholson Clinic Process
    weight loss revision surgery

    "The whole process was super quick. I would say within five to six weeks of meeting Dr. Long, I was approved by my insurance and had surgery scheduled. Dr. Long was amazing and answered all my questions and he really made me feel safe and secure with my decision for a revision. I didn’t feel judged or anything. Jordan helped me through the process of getting approved and surgery scheduled. Sweet Candace always answers my emails no matter how small or silly my questions may have been. Having the Facebook classes with her each month and the private Facebook group page has helped me so much!

    "The support is amazing and I truly believe has made me so successful for this revision surgery. 
    I have met with Adam a few times also and he is top notch. Never makes you feel rushed or like your just another person. He has made me feel so important and like I really do matter and he wants me to be successful also. I also joined a gym I found on the clinic website. It’s called Dallas Iron Fitness. My insurance covers a trainer and I go three times a week and that really has helped me. I’m grateful for the clinic having that on the website so I could learn about that."

    Life After Weight Loss Surgery
    weight loss revision surgery

    "May of this year I topped the scale at 430 pounds. The day I met Dr. Long, I weighed 409, and today, four-and-a-half months from surgery, I weigh 298. I still have a journey but I feel amazing. No acid reflux. I am able to work out six days a week. I can walk with my daughter and keep up. I went from a size 30/32 to currently a 18/20. I can’t wait for the next six months to see where I am. I truly am so happy I had this revision and love this clinic."

  • Transformation Stories: Savannah

    by Melody None | Oct 09, 2020

    One year after having gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Roshek at Nicholson Clinic, Savannah is down more than 110 pounds. This is her story.

    Life Before Surgery
    before gastric sleeve surgery
    "Before surgery, I'll be honest and say I was completely miserable. I had back pain, foot pain, just all over pain. I was only 22 years old and I had severe depression and anxiety. I didn't like to go out in public besides work and home because of those issues, I always felt like people were judging me because of my size. I was a little over 327 pounds, young, beyond unhealthy and knew I wasn't going to live much longer going on the way I was. I had tried to diet and exercise before, but then life happened and I gained every bit of weight I had lost back plus some. I had PCOS, which made it hard to lose weight anyways, so that didn't help my situation.

    "I had been looking into weight loss surgery for years but didn't take the plunge until last summer when I made my first appointment. Weight loss surgery saved my life, and I believe that with my whole heart."

    The Nicholson Clinic Process

    "My process with the Nicholson Clinic was great! They made my first appointment super quickly. I stayed updated on how everything was going in the process. If I were to call with a question, they answered it as soon as they could. Towards the end before surgery, I was having major problems with my gallbladder and gallstones. I almost had to have emergency surgery in my hometown because of it, but I was able to call the clinic and they sped my process up by calling insurance and then moving dates around once approved to get me in quicker so I could have my gallbladder out as soon as I had the sleeve done. This was SO helpful to me and saved me a lot of healing time and money as well. 

    "In the time since my surgery, Nicholson Clinic has been amazing as well! They again have been able to answer questions I may have and if they weren't, they would be able to direct me to the right people. I will always recommend The Nicholson Clinic. I live in Ada, Oklahoma and drove all the way there to have all of my appointments and the surgery itself. I could have gone somewhere else closer to my hometown but chose not to!"

    Life After Weight Loss Surgery
    after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery
    "My life is completely changed after surgery. I don't have any more pain in my body. I don't have anxiety or depression anymore. I've been told I smile and laugh more. I've been told I'm happier. I've been told I have so much more confidence than I have in my entire life and that it shows to others. I have been an inspiration to others in and out of the gym, something I never thought would happen. 

    "I'm a total of 110.1 pounds down from my highest weight and so many inches. I have gone from a super snug 3XL shirt to a comfortable large. My pant size has dropped from a size 24 to a plus-size 14/regular 15.

    "I'm so happy that I made the decision to save my life a year ago with the sleeve surgery with Dr. Roshek!  I joined a gym at just six weeks post-op and have been going consistently ever since. When I first started in the gym, I could barely walk a 2.0 on the treadmill. I couldn't lift very much weight because of the pain I was in constantly. I wouldn't step up on the six-inch plyo box. There are so many things I couldn't do. 

    "Today, I can run a 9.0 speed. I can lift weights easily. I can JUMP on a 24-inch plyo box easily. I can do ab workouts without it hurting my back. I can shuffle sideways on a treadmill easily, which is super hard when you're overweight and have a fear of falling. I can also keep up with girls that are half my size.

    I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and made new friends, actual GOOD ones, the kind of friends that you know will always be there for you no matter what. These are just a few things that can happen during this journey that you’d never expect when you first begin. This is one decision I will never ever regret."

  • Transformation Stories: John

    by Melody None | Sep 22, 2020

    Leaning on the support and encouragement of family and friends — some of whom have had weight loss surgery themselves — John took the leap to have gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Long at Nicholson Clinic. This is his story.

    “I decided to have the surgery since my parents and brother had similar surgeries years ago and it's been a great transformation for them.  My younger brother especially.  He inspired me to make the change and my family was very supportive of my decision to have the surgery. I also had a friend who highly recommended Dr. Long and the Nicholson Clinic and coached me through the process.”

    weight loss surgery success
    The Nicholson Clinic Process - With You All the Way

    “The [Nicholson Clinic] process went very smoothly. I am thankful for the expertise, personal follow-ups, and holistic approach the team employs. This helped significantly with the physical and emotional aspects of the decision.”

    Life After Surgery - Adventure Awaits!

    “I'm grateful for each of the 128 pounds I've lost so far since late December 2019 and I'm excited about going down this pathway to a much healthier and happier life. I am getting rid of my 5XL clothing and moving towards being able to shop at "regular" stores for the first time in years.

    “I am able to work out daily now. I own and operate a local pool service and this has given me much more energy and stamina for the work we do. I am resuming tennis and playing basketball with our daughter as she prepares for middle-school tryouts.
    “I'm so excited to get back out and enjoy traveling again and my wife and I have a trip to Southeast Asia booked for next fall. It's a great motivator to continue making positive progress so we will look and feel our best on this bucket list adventure.” 

  • Transformation Stories: Nathan

    by Melody None | Jul 21, 2020

    Nathan underwent gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Long in January 2018, which helped him shed 158 pounds. In the two-and-a-half years since surgery, Nathan has successfully maintained his weight loss. 

    This is his story.

    Life Before Surgery

    “Before surgery, life was difficult due to all of the excess weight. Going up the stairs in my home would make me winded. Medically, I had gout, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Although I thought I didn’t mind being a big guy, I had no idea just how much my life experience was being affected by my weight. I was often depressed and irritable. 

    “What compelled me to get surgery was a blood pressure scare. I was traveling for work and I was checking my blood pressure. It got really high and wasn’t going back down. I called an ambulance and the EMT’s recommended I go to the ER. They took me to the ER and the medical team there monitored me. My heart was not slowing down and they were afraid I was going to have a heart attack, so they gave me some medicine to slow everything down. That incident made me realize it was time for a change.”
    before and after photo showing weight loss of gastric sleeve patient

    The Nicholson Clinic Process – With You All The Way
    “The process with the Nicholson Clinic was great. Everyone was kind and professional. They gave me a lot of information. They made sure I understood that the surgery was not “the easy option” to weight loss. They made sure I knew that if I really wanted to change my life, I would need to follow up the surgery with a commitment to live and eat differently. 
    “The day of the operation was easy. My family and I came in the morning and I was out later that day. Post Op was not easy because of how everything feels, but the Nicholson Clinic had prepared me for everything, so it wasn’t a surprise.”

    after photo showing weight loss of gastric sleeve patient
    Life After Surgery
    “My life today is very different. I am no longer on gout medicine. I am no longer on blood pressure medicine. I have no sleep apnea. As of this morning (July 2, 2020), I weigh 187 pounds. I make sure I weigh my food to never eat more than 4 to 5 ounces at one sitting. I log all of my food in an app. 

    “When I found out how many people gain the weight back, or stretch out their new stomach, I was determined to not let that happen to me. I do not let my eyes tell me how much to eat. I let a food scale tell me. I always am full after a meal, but if I serve myself more than necessary, I will over eat, so I don’t ever put more than the necessary amount on my plate. I have started jogging and I enjoy it. I go hiking with my wife and I enjoy it. 

    “My attitude about life has improved greatly. I did not realize that carrying around all that extra weight was a strain on my physical health, but also my mental and emotional well being. The truth is I was headed to an early grave. Today, that’s not the case. Secure in the knowledge I am doing what I can to take care of my health, I am free to experience a much richer life.”

  • Transformation Story: Stacy

    by Melody None | Jul 07, 2020
    Congratulations, Stacy, on your One Year Surgery Anniversary!


    Stacy, like many Nicholson Clinic patients, had struggled with her weight for years. The excess weight was affecting her health, her energy level and causing severe back and knee pain. She knew something had to change. Here’s her story and how she lost 114 pounds and counting.

    gastric sleeve surgery patient

    Life Before Surgery

    "I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. I remember my pediatrician telling my mom it was ‘just baby weight.’ My parents never made a big deal about my weight but did eventually send me to a weight loss camp. Very early on I learned about food and exercise but was never able to apply it consistently.  I have always been known as 'pretty for a big girl.' I was never really miserable about my size, I liked being thick but being thick did not like me.   

    "I have always had back issues, to the point of having injections in my spine and considering surgery. My doctor advised that while losing weight would not cure my issue it would reduce the damage. In September of 2018, I tore my medial meniscus and had to have surgery to repair it. My surgeon and physical therapist both advised that if I did not lose weight, they would be replacing my knees in five to seven years. 

    "I have two sons and three grand kids and a career where I manage 20 people every day. I was miserable not having the energy to keep up with my day to day life, much less family and work. Something had to change."

    gastric sleeve surgery patient

    The Nicholson Clinic Process – With You All The Way

    In the first nine months after surgery, Stacy was down 100 pounds! At the one year mark, she has lost 114 pounds!

    “From my first appointment at Nicholson Clinic, I felt supported. I knew that everyone had my best health in mind, mentally and physically. EVERYONE was so kind and took the time I needed to feel comfortable and understand every detail of the process. I had a consultation with several clinics and was blown away by my experience with Nicholson Clinic. They walked me through my surgery options in detail and a plan was set for my needs. My Nicholson Clinic insurance advocate helped with insurance, and we all know how difficult navigating that can be. Everything was packaged up in a fantastic folder for me to take home and review. But it didn't stop there, support is available all the time. I know I can call, email, post in the support group, check archived documents, attend classes online and in person, and join support groups. The resources are almost limitless. 

    "Post-surgery, I thought, "well their part is over and now the rest is up to me" and that couldn't be further from the truth. I still feel just as supported as when I first walked in the door. Every follow up visit is a celebration of how well I am doing and motivation to keep pushing. I have had very few concerns but every email, phone call, and request has been met with concern, urgency and reassurance.  I am so pleased with my entire experience with Nicholson Clinic and I could not have done this without everyone there.”

    Life After Surgery

    “Life is great! My back and knees are not so stressed out and I am amazed at how much better I feel physically.  I can take the stairs, I can work all day, and not go home wiped out. I actually have energy for my family and my life. I wept when I could spend hours chasing after my three grandkids at Christmas and didn't have to keep taking rest breaks. 

    "Mentally I feel like I have been equipped to take on the world. I have enrolled in classes, reinvested in hobbies and put down the deposit for my 45th birthday trip! Greece here I come! No excuses! Nothing can stop me now! I am enjoying a whole new wardrobe and lifestyle thanks to the Nicholson Clinic and my hard work.

    "My surgery was July 8, 2019 and on July 7, 2020, the day before my one year anniversary, I have officially lost 114 pounds! I still have work to do but I am just beginning, and I know I am not doing this alone.”

  • Transformation Story: Deena

    by Melody None | Mar 31, 2020

    Many people struggle with weight the majority of their adult life. Sometimes it takes a physician to intervene and suggest bariatric surgery. At 363 pounds, this was the case for Deena. With the help of Dr. Brian Long, Bariatric Surgeon at the Nicholson Clinic, Deena shed 191 pounds. 

    This is her story.

    “Prior to having weight loss surgery with the Nicholson Clinic, I had been severely overweight for the majority of my adult life. I had tried everything to lose weight, but could never get very far,” Deena said. “I gained quite a bit of weight with my pregnancy and was at my heaviest weight of my life at 363 pounds.”
    weight loss surgery patient before surgery

    As is true for many patients living with obesity, Deena suffered a number of comorbidities, including joint problems, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. 

    “My body hurt all of the time, I had severe knee problems and had a knee surgery with the surgeon telling me I would need a total knee replacement in the near future,” she said. “I was on several medications for acid reflux, depression, pain, etc. and had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and used a CPAP for sleeping.”

    But the excess weight wasn’t just a serious health concern for Deena, it also impacted her daily life and prevented her from doing what she loved most — especially playing with her children. Being a parent is a lot of work, and we see many patients, like Deena, who come to us because they simply aren’t able to be as active and involved with their kids as they’d like to be. 

    “I have 3 children and I wanted to be able to run around and play with them, but I couldn’t. I could not get up and down off the floor with them. I got worn out easily and couldn’t do as much with them as I wanted. It made them sad that Mommy couldn’t play with them like they wanted.”

    The primary concern with obesity is that it has been proven to take years off a person’s life. As parents ourselves, we want to be healthy and around our kids for as long as possible, and we want the same for our patients. Thankfully for Deena, her new primary care physician recognized the dire shape she was in, both physically and emotionally, and recommended weight loss surgery as an option to help her lose the weight and reclaim her life. 

    “After the suggestion from my primary care physician, I contacted the Nicholson Clinic on a referral from a good friend who was a previous patient,” Deena said. “At my initial consult, we discussed all of the options and what I could expect from surgery, including the outcomes.”

    “Nicholson Clinic set me up with nutrition and mental health pre-surgical counseling. They really take care of their patients well before the actual surgery, ensuring they are ready for the changes this will bring in their life,” said Deena. “Post-surgery, the Nicholson Clinic and staff have been amazing as well. They have been in touch with me, supporting me throughout recovery and transition to my new life.” 

    At the recommendation of Nicholson Clinic doctors, Deena selected the gastric bypass procedure and had surgery on November 18, 2018. Just 16 months later, she has lost nearly 200 pounds! 
    weight loss surgery patient after surgery

    Not all of our patients come to us with a recommendation from their primary care physician, like Deena, but that extra push helps make the decision easier. We encourage our patients to consult with their primary care doctors and/or endocrinologists and we work hand-in-hand with those other healthcare providers to ensure our patients have the best comprehensive team and support system in place before and after surgery.

    “I truly do have a new life,” said Deena. “The Nicholson Clinic and this surgery completely changed my life. I am happier overall, I feel great, I feel like I look great. My family is proud of me and I am proud of myself. My kids love that I can run around with them and do anything they want to do. I can jump on our trampoline with them now! I am now off of all medications, and no longer need a CPAP to sleep. I have no more pain in my body, and have not had any more knee troubles. At my heaviest weight, I was 363 pounds. I am now 172 pounds. I am maintaining now, and could not be happier with my life and my health.”

  • Transformation Story: Ariel

    by Melody None | Mar 03, 2020

    Nicholson Clinic’s long track record of success and providing top, expert care has been attracting patients from across the U.S. and from around the world. We’ve seen patients from all 50 states and 10 countries travel to Nicholson Clinic for weight loss surgery. Our doctors have treated more than 15,000 patients, and while the majority of these patients are in Texas, more and more patients are making the decision to travel to Nicholson Clinic for weight loss surgery.

    Ariel is one patient who opted to have her surgery with Nicholson Clinic, even though that meant traveling to Texas from New Jersey. This is her story.

    Life before surgery was a constant battle for Ariel. As many of our patients understand all too well, she tried many times to lose weight, but only found herself gaining even more. “It’s a vicious cycle,” she said. 
    before weight loss surgery
    The tipping point for Ariel came after she met a patient who had undergone weight loss surgery at Nicholson Clinic. “He looked amazing! I couldn’t believe it had only been a couple of months [since surgery],” she said. “He showed me his ‘before’ picture and told me all about the surgery and how quick and easy it’s been for him. I was sold! The next morning, I contacted the Nicholson Clinic!”

    Ariel was living in New Jersey at the time, but Nicholson Clinic staff and her Patient Care Advocate worked with her to make the process as easy as possible. “The process of filling out the paperwork needed was very easy, and everything is accessible via email,” she said. “I actually found myself on a beach in Jamaica filling out my forms!”

    Not only did Ariel travel from New Jersey to Texas for surgery with Nicholson Clinic, but three of her family members living in New York and Florida chose Nicholson Clinic for their weight loss surgery as well. 

    “I had my uncle here with me the same day of surgery. We were actually scheduled one after the other. It’s been great to have someone to go through this with, because it is a hell of a ride! Only someone who’s been through this can truly understand and appreciate the journey. My uncle is down to his goal weight and has managed to keep it off. He’s off his diabetes medication and no longer suffers from constant migraines.

    His wife and brother also had surgery at the Nicholson Clinic a few months ago. They are doing well on their own path of losing weight and being more active. Both are doing great!”
    after weight loss surgery at Nicholson Clinic

    Ariel has had great success in the year since surgery, as well. “Life has been amazing! I’ve lost 105 pounds, my energy is through the roof, I feel great, I’m completely healthy, my weight and BMI are normal,” she said” “I truly feel as if I bought my life and happiness back! I’m a mother of a 6-year old, and one more child on the way (through surrogacy). And I truly feel blessed that I can be here for my children, who deserve to have a happy, healthy mom."

  • Transformation Story: Mike

    by Melody None | Feb 13, 2020

    In February 2019, Mike underwent gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Long. Since his initial consultation just a few months before surgery, Mike has lost more than 125 pounds. This is his story.

    Life Before Surgery

    “I was always a big kid. I come from a family of large people with a history of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with high blood pressure and my last doctor visit prior to surgery, I was borderline diabetic and was about to be put on cholesterol medication.”

    As is true for many of our patients, Mike had tried dieting for years, only to lose the weight and gain it back. He tried various diets, including Atkins, low-carb, medifast and just counting calories.

    “It worked while I was dedicated, and I lost weight, but as soon as I wasn’t 100 percent with it, the weight continued to creep back up and I would always gain more than when I started.”

    At just 43-years-old, Mike experienced pain in his legs from everyday activities, and something as simple as drying his hair would leave him out of breath. “It took me forever to get to work just from parking my car because my legs hurt, causing me to walk very slow.”

    gastric sleeve surgery patient

    Turning Point

    “I knew I needed to make the decision to change my life. I had done so many diets before, but I needed something that assisted me to stick to a meal plan allowing me to control my portions, so I decided to go to the Nicholson Clinic for the gastric sleeve.”

    The Process

    Once he had made his mind up and contacted Nicholson Clinic, the process was quick and smooth. 

     “I filled out a questionnaire online and got a call to have a consultation. I attended the consultation with Dr. Long, was approved by my insurance and then we set the surgery date.”

    Because he had done his research ahead of time, Mike knew the benefits of the gastric sleeve procedure. With his family history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and his own history of high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and other health conditions that were contributed to his weight, Dr. Long agreed that gastric sleeve would give Mike the best chance at creating change. 

    Due to his history of dieting, losing and gaining weight, Dr. Long also knew gastric sleeve was the best for for Mike. The gastric sleeve procedure that not only limits food intake by decreasing stomach capacity, but also limits production of the hormone ghrelin, which contributes to hunger.

    Mike’s insurance required three visits with a dietitian and a psychological evaluation. Nicholson Clinic helped him receive insurance approval and get scheduled for surgery at Baylor Plano. And the support he received with Nicholson Clinic didn’t stop there.

    “Even after surgery everyone has been so helpful and willing to assist in any question, concern and very informative for ongoing changes and success.”

    Life After Surgery

    “Life is so much better now since surgery. I’m able to live a healthy, active life,” Mike says. I have lost a total or 131 pounds from my heaviest. From this I am no longer pre-diabetic. My glucose is perfect now. My cholesterol has continued to get better and I’m on the lowest dosage for my high blood pressure medication. 

    I’m so much more confident in myself. I’m much healthier and happier. My end goal was to live a healthy life to have a life of memories with my husband.”

    gastric sleeve patient
  • Transformation Stories: Maegan

    by Melody None | Jan 21, 2020

    In 2009, Maegan had LAP-BAND surgery. Although she wasn’t severely overweight at the time, Maegan sought help to shed unwanted pounds and jumpstart her weight loss. Unfortunately, the experience was not what she hoped it would be. 

    “I had an awful time with it,” she said. “I was vomiting all the time, sometimes just from water. When I could eat, I would binge.”

    Initially following the procedure, Maegan did experience some weight loss. But it wasn’t long before the number on the scale began to climb again, eventually reaching her heaviest weight of 247 pounds. “I saw the pictures from my son’s first Christmas and hated all of the ones I was in.” 

    And it wasn’t just about weight gain, Maegan also suffered abdominal pain from the LAP-BAND. 

    before picture of Nicholson Clinic band-to-sleeve revision patient


    After Christmas, Maegan reached out to Nicholson Clinic’s Dr. Roshek for help. “He answered all of my questions. He talked to me with passion and an understanding of what I was going through,” said Maegan. “In that conversation, Dr. Roshek mentioned doing a revision to the sleeve. I was so against it at first because of my first weight loss surgery experience. But he explained the entire procedure, the outcomes and possibilities."

    Unfortunately, Maegan’s experience with the LAP-BAND is not unique. A decade ago the procedure was one of the most popular bariatric options, but in recent years, LAP-BAND procedures have been on the decline as more options become available that have proven to be more effective for long-term weight loss, with fewer complications. 

    In some cases, a LAP-BAND patient may simply need a simple office procedure to fill the band. In other cases, the band may have slipped and can be adjusted. But, like Maegan, many patients are looking for a better solution. That’s where bariatric revisional surgery comes into play. 

    During band-to-sleeve revision surgery, the LAP-BAND is removed and replaced with the gastric sleeve. Like the LAP-BAND procedure, a sleeve gastrectomy is performed laparoscopically, and most patients go home the same day. During this procedure, a large portion of the stomach is divided vertically and removed. This is the non-reversible part of the procedure. The remaining stomach -- now reduced to about 25 percent of its original size -- is shaped like a banana, and resembles a tube or sleeve. 

    Gastric sleeve results in gastric restriction, reducing the amount of food volume that can be comfortable ingested. It also removes the portion of the stomach responsible for the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. As a result, patients who undergo a band-to-sleeve revision report a reduced appetite, allowing them to lose weight. 

    Maegan’s story is testimony to the success many of our revision patients experience. Just eight months after surgery, she was down 78 pounds! 

    “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. This is nothing like the band,” she said. “It’s amazing, normal and has given me my life back. I can eat normally, in smaller amounts. I can run, literally run a mile without stopping. I can shop at any store I want. I can walk into a room with confidence and run a meeting. Most importantly though, I love every single picture and memory with my son.

    after picture of Nicholson Clinic band-to-sleeve revision patient 

    As with any bariatric procedure, band-to-sleeve revision is hardly taking the easy way out. Patients are still required to eat right and exercise. “I eat right. I work out. I stay active and enjoy my new life! For this, I will be forever grateful.”

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