Gastric Balloon

Lose extra pounds with the new, non-surgical weight loss procedure.

The weight loss journey leaves many people with little support or options in the gap between diet and exercise and bariatric surgery. The Nicholson Clinic now offers a solution to patients caught in that gap. Introducing the ORBERA® Intragastric Balloon and Obalon Balloon System. The procedures are a quick, outpatient appointment with a one-week recovery period. After six months, the balloon/balloons are deflated and removed through a non-surgical procedure.

We feel these procedures could greatly benefit those who have attempted more conservative weight reduction alternatives with little success, and be an effective solution for people with a BMI of 27-40. The gastric balloon/s may be a good weight loss option for people who do not qualify or do not want surgery.

The doctors at the Nicholson Clinic are some of the first surgeons in the country to be trained and certified on the gastric balloon procedures. During your consultation, your doctor will ask you about your medical history and perform a physical exam to determine which procedure is best for you. Your doctor will also discuss specific risks of each procedure during your consultation.

The gastric balloon procedures range from $6,500- $7,000. At this time, this procedure is not covered by insurance.

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Orbera Managed Weight Loss

The ORBERA® Intragastric Balloon is a soft yet durable silicone balloon that is designed to assist adult patients with obesity, in losing and maintaining weight. The thin, deflated balloon is placed into the stomach and then filled with saline until it is about the size of a grapefruit. The balloon stays in the stomach for six months, filling space in the stomach to reinforce proper portion control. It is used in conjunction with a long-term supervised diet and behavior modification program.

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ORBERA™ Intragastric Balloon


 Obalon Balloon System

The FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved 3-balloon system for weight loss. The Obalon Balloon System is a swallowable intragastric balloon system indicated for temporary use to facilitate weight loss in adults with obesity (BMI of 30 – 40 kg/m2) who have failed to lose weight through diet and exercise. The System is intended to be used as an adjunct to a moderate intensity diet and behavior modification program. All balloons must be removed 6 months after the first balloon is placed.

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Obalon Balloon System

Women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant within six months, or breastfeeding should not receive the gastric balloon procedures. Complications that may result from the gastric balloon procedures include the risks associated with any endoscopic procedure and those associated with the medications and methods used in these procedures, as well as your ability to tolerate a foreign object placed in your stomach. Some patients are ineligible to receive the gastric balloon/s. During your consultation, your doctor will determine your eligibility for the device.

For more information about ORBERA® Intragastric Balloon or the Obalon Balloon System, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (972) 494-3100.

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