Physical fitness is essential for good health, and is necessary if you are trying to lose weight. During exercise, the body burns stored calories as energy. At its very foundation, weight loss is equal to calories in < calories out. You must burn more calories each day than you consume in order to lose weight.

Based on this simple equation, it is possible to lose weight by reducing caloric intake alone, but aerobic exercise and strength training help to maintain weight and reduce risks of many health conditions.

Keeping up with routine exercise can be challenging when left on your own. Nicholson Clinic is your partner on your journey toward physical fitness and good health. We offer programs specifically designed for post-bariatric surgery patients. Please check facebook for dates and times.

Affordable Support Options for Patient Enrollment – Insurance Based and Self-Pay


A three-month exercise regimen that is specifically for patients who have had bariatric surgery or those who are pre-surgical and beginning their wellness journey. All classes are held in the gym in our Wellness Center on the Plano campus with. The groups are small in size to ensure everyone gets individual training. Come join us on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm. Cost: $90 per 12-week session, per participant. For more information and to register, please email or call 214-820-2367. Brought to you by the Nicholson Clinic and Baylor Scott & White Health


Insurance and Self-Pay Options

Kaitlyn Gannon, M.S. CSCS is an exercise physiologist and founder of a new gym, Dallas Iron Fitness. She previously helped develop the cardiac and bariatric fitness programs at Baylor and taught medical fitness classes to Nicholson Clinic patients, contributed to our blog, and appeared on GMT with Dr. Nick. Kaitlyn has started a new medical fitness class for surgical and non-surgical weight loss patients suited to their individual needs. Individual Training, Insurance Based Program covers 400 minutes/month and gym memberships available at $30/month, OR Group Training, Self Pay for 2 classes/week at $50/month. We are thrilled to offer these affordable, quality options to our patients in East Dallas. Call: 214-244-8008

Kaitlyn Gannon, M.S. CSCS

To help you get moving and stay motivated check out our Get Fit, Stay Fit blog, a collection of exercise tips and workout ideas.

Get Fit & Stay Fit Blog
All fitness tips included in Get Fit, Stay Fit are written by or approved by Marilyn.

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