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This holiday season, give the greatest gift of all, health.
For you, a loved one or both of you, the gift of health will last a lifetime.
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If you or someone you love is having a hard time losing weight and keeping it off, you’re not alone. We can help.

Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight, and nearly 42% of Americans are considered obese.* Obesity has significant effects on our health, but it can be reversed with weight loss surgery. Studies show weight loss programs and medication can be effective for some, but they are often costly and ineffective over time, resulting in only temporary weight loss and once the medication is stopped or the program is complete, people tend to regain the weight. For many, the only way to truly lose weight and keep it off for good is to recalibrate your system with bariatric surgery.

Meet Jennifer and John. Jennifer lost 115 lbs. and John lost 105 lbs. with weight loss surgery.** Read their story to learn more about their journey together

Getting healthy is better together! 

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Jennifer lost 115 lbs. and John lost 105 lbs.**


Getting Healthy is Better Together!
They say getting healthy is better together!

Modifiable lifestyles and health-related behaviors are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Evidence suggests people tend to exhibit the health behaviors of people around them and that partners and friends can influence each other’s behavior. Making the decision to get healthy WITH someone brings accountability, support and motivation. When it comes to making positive changes and adopting a healthy lifestyle, it’s better together!


Weight loss surgery can improve and may even cure obesity-related health conditions.
The benefits of weight loss surgery go beyond simply losing weight. In most patients, obesity-related health problems greatly improve or disappear altogether. For example, Type 2 diabetes can improve to the point that little or no diabetes medication is necessary. Weight loss surgery can also improve or resolve other health conditions, such as:

High blood pressure is often related to obesity, which increases risk for a number of conditions including heart attack and stroke.
The higher your BMI, the more likely you are to experience chronic heartburn or acid reflux, which can lead to cancer and other complications.
The more weight we carry around, the greater the pressure put on our joints. Arthritis and joint pain is common among those who are overweight.
Obesity increases cardiovascular risk factors including high LDL cholesterol.
Most common in those who are obese due to a larger neck circumference, obstructive sleep apnea blocks airflow resulting in shallow breathing or pauses in breathing.

Obesity can contribute to irregularities in menstrual cycle and lack of ovulation for women and low testosterone and sperm production for men. Obesity can also increase risk for pregnancy complications.


We offer many options to help you afford weight loss surgery.
At the Nicholson Clinic, we're committed to helping every patient who needs weight loss surgery - no exceptions. Insurance coverage, finances or payment methods should not be a roadblock.


The Nicholson Clinic accepts most major insurance. In many cases, bariatric surgery is considered a medical necessity and is at least partially covered by most insurance companies, provided the patient meets their requirements. Our team of insurance specialists are here to help you easily manage the process, working directly with your insurance provider to acquire approval. Contact us to see how we can maximize your coverage and minimize your out of pocket expense.

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We offer one of the lowest prices in town and offer financing with low monthly payments. We are one of the few practices that includes everything in one low price, including your follow-up visits for life! Our pricing is significantly lower than the national average. Our goal is to make weight loss surgery affordable and available to anyone who needs it. We accept traditional payments (credit cards, cash and check) or have payment plans and financing options.

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We're pleased to offer financing options through Prosper Healthcare Lending and Care Credit that make weight loss surgery affordable with low monthly payments to fit your budget. Pricing varies by procedure type, surgery location and lender. For example, payments can be as low as $254/month for gastric sleeve surgery using Care Credit. Contact us for details and to find out how affordable weight loss can be!

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Brett and Sherry lost 315 lbs. combined with weight loss surgery.**

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If you are ready to learn more about the comprehensive weight loss services offered at the Nicholson Clinic, contact us today! Fill our the form below to have a customer service representative contact you to schedule a consultation and /or answer any questions you may have. Or give us a call at (972) 494-3100 we look forward to speaking with you.

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. **Results may vary.

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