Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

8 Strategies for Finding Balance in Your Life

Oct 02, 2015

“Balance is the key of life.” — Hajra Usman

Do you feel like your life is a string of one chaotic, stressful day after another? Are you constantly trying to just catch up and catch your breath? Does your life lack balance?

The thought of finding balance in your life might seem more idealistic than possible. But if you want to achieve health and wellness, you must find balance and harmony between the different aspects of your daily life.

What does a balanced life look like? Here are some simple tips to achieve balance in your life:

Unplug — Take some time each day to unplug. Turn off electronics, including your phone, tablet, and TV at least an hour before bed. Pick up a book, take a hot bath, or just enjoy some time in conversation with loved ones.

Trim the Fat — Is your plate overflowing? Over-committing is a serious problem in our culture. Take a look at the activities and commitments you have in your life and find areas you can cut back. Once you’ve done that, learn to say “no.” If it isn’t essential or doesn’t add value to your life, cut it out.

Cut out Negative Influences — We all have people in our lives who can be a mental and emotional drain with constant complaining, whining, and bad attitudes. You may not be able to cut these people out of your life completely, but do your best to minimize contact with them and instead surround yourself with people who are positive, supportive, and encouraging.

Take Care of Yourself — Make time each week for you. This is hard to do, especially if you are in a caretaker roll of any sort. But time to yourself is critical in achieving balance. Find a hobby, journal, exercise, pamper yourself — even 30 minutes of “me” time each week can make a big difference.

Focus on Relationships — Pouring into relationships with those you love may be the most important thing you do in life. Spend quality time with family and friends. Shut down electronics and have a real conversation. Let the relationships you have with others fill your cup.

Stretch Your Limits — Try something new. Take a painting class. Dance. Travel somewhere you’ve never been. Get out of your box. Invest in a new activity that gets you out of your normal routine and daily grind.

Give Back — Taking time to volunteer in your community can bless others, but it will bless you, too. Serving others puts a new perspective on life. It’s refreshing and renewing. The opportunities to give back are endless — there are people who could use your help at food banks, homeless shelters, retirement communities, schools, and churches right in your neighborhood.

Have Fun — Don’t take life so seriously all the time. Laugh, play, joke, exercise your sense of humor. A good laugh is good for the soul.

Getting healthy isn’t just about changing what you eat and exercising more. Health is a delicate balance of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Make finding balance a priority in your life.