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Will Weight Loss Surgery Make Me Lose My Hair?

Nov 20, 2014

Weight loss surgery is a decision that many people come to only after many years of living with obesity – and often the medical conditions that come as a result – with no success in losing the weight, and keeping it off, through any other method. Certainly anyone considering weight loss surgery of any kind will likely go to great lengths to learn everything they need to learn about what to expect in terms of the surgery itself, potential side effects of the surgery, and what to expect following surgery.

Many people may be surprised to learn that hair loss can be a side effect following weight loss surgery. Here’s why:

Weight loss surgery restricts the amount of food that we can ingest at any one time and this results in often rapid weight loss, especially just following surgery. Rapid weight loss of this kind often results in a decreased intake of zinc and protein. Deficiencies like this can, in turn, lead to hair loss. Luckily, there are ways to manage and even prevent hair loss. Your weight loss surgeon will recommend that you:

  • Ingest an adequate amount of protein on a daily basis. Your surgeon will put a post-surgery diet plan in place for you that will include the appropriate amount of protein and may even include a supplement. Make sure you follow these instructions to the letter so that you can safeguard your health following your surgery and put yourself in the best position for success.
  • Take a daily zinc supplement. Taking in the appropriate vitamins and minerals following surgery is very important. Your weight loss surgery team will work with you to make sure that you have the appropriate supplements following surgery.

Hair loss may be one of the things that you have to contend with following your weight loss surgery but it’s typically short-lived and certainly well worth it to change – and perhaps even save – your life by tackling obesity head on. As long as you work closely with your team to maintain the proper nutrition, you will minimize your chances of suffering any side effects and help maintain your health while you lose weight.