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Why You Should Consider Weight Loss Surgery Options

Oct 02, 2014

Going through life with lots of extra pounds can be uncomfortable emotionally and physically. When it is time to seek out ways to effectively lose the weight while improving appearance, self-esteem, and health, there are options for weight loss surgery that can make the road ahead easier to traverse. The question many people have, however, is why would they opt to go this way?

Weight loss surgery is serious business and it shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Your doctor will likely only recommend surgical alternatives to weight loss when all other methods for losing weight have proven ineffective in your case. If you’ve tried dieting, exercise and prescription plans to no avail, surgery might be the best, most effective way to shed the pounds once and for all. There are some compelling reasons to look into the options when the time is right, too.

What You Need to Know About Obesity
Obesity affects about one-third of the adult American population. That adds up to 78.6 million people or so, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. While that also means you are in very good company as you face your weight loss battle, it doesn’t remove the fact that obesity can be quite costly in its consequences. The CDC estimates the annual medical costs for obesity add up to about $147 billion, and then there are the health risks, which include:

  • Development of Type 2 diabetes
  • Higher risk for certain forms of cancer
  • Increased risk for heart disease and stroke

In a nutshell, obesity can add up to big problems. If it’s time to reduce the risks and work toward enjoying a healthier future, weight loss surgery might provide the solution. If you’ve been considering this choice, be sure to consult closely with a skilled bariatric surgeon who will review your case carefully, ensure all other options have been exhausted, and then make the best possible recommendations in your unique case.

Living with obesity isn’t the only option you have. If it is time to effect a change, consider speaking with your doctor about weight loss surgery and the benefits it can have in your case.