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What to Expect from a Weight Loss Clinic

Oct 01, 2014

Making an appointment at a weight loss clinic is a big step toward a healthier, leaner life. That doesn’t mean the step is easy to take or that you’ll walk through the door entirely sure what you’re getting yourself into. If you’ve decided you just can’t go it alone with losing weight, a weight loss clinic might have the right solution for you, but it can help if you know what to expect during your visit.

The best weight loss clinics offer patients a host of weight loss options. While surgical procedures are, of course, part of those options, good doctors will want to make 100 percent sure you are ready to commit to everything weight loss surgery entails and what it means going forward in your life. That’s why your doctor might, for example, request  that you attend educational seminars to learn more about bariatric surgery and what to expect from life going forward following surgery. A good doctor will want to make sure you are 100 percent informed and understand your options, what to expect, and what role you will need to play to enjoy success.

While a weight loss clinic can provide you with a valuable resource for losing weight, you will still have to do your part. Patients who enjoy the most success with surgical procedures are those who will work hard to adopt healthy lifestyles before and post-surgery. This means eating right and getting active.

Why does the commitment matter to a surgeon?
Your weight loss doctor is very likely going to try and gauge not only your physical candidacy for surgery, but also your commitment to losing weight and keeping it off going forward. Your motivations for undergoing a procedure may also be discussed. The reasons for this are simple: weight loss surgery isn’t a magic bullet. In order for it to be truly successful, you are going to have to work hard to see that the pounds are truly lost and that they stay off.

The best bariatric doctors will see themselves as a player on your weight loss team. You, however, are the star.