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What Makes Nicholson Clinic Different?

Aug 07, 2019

At the heart of the Nicholson Clinic is Dr. Nick Nicholson, one of the nation’s leading bariatric surgeons. Dr. Nicholson understands that surgery is only part of the weight loss equation, so he brought together a team of specialists and developed a comprehensive plan to treat the whole person—from first appointment, to surgery, recovery and beyond. Our patient care goes above and beyond what other bariatric practices offer. Here is an overview of the Nicholson Clinic support available to all patients.

Patient Care Advocate

Following your consult with the surgeon, you will be assigned a Patient Care Advocate, your one-on-one concierge to help you through the entire process leading up to surgery. All of our PCAs are also Certified Medical Assistants.

Since there can be several steps leading up to surgery, especially if using bariatric insurance coverage, your PCA team is here to help you navigate the journey to surgery and serve as your primary point of contact with the Nicholson Clinic. Some insurance plans often require dietitian and psychologist appointments, sleep studies, lab work, clearances, etc. We also require our patients to complete a two-week pre-op diet to help prepare you for a safe, effective surgery.

Your PCA will help you through every step so you have best possible pre-surgical experience and ensure you are cleared and ready for surgery.

Patient Educator

Candace Peppers, MA is our Patient Educator. In her role, Candace provides patient support and education before surgery, after surgery and for life.

There are important diet requirements before and after surgery. To help patients with this, Candace has recorded four videos available on our website. These “Class with Candace” videos can be found here.

Pre-op Class — Helps patients prepare for surgery. In this video, Candace covers the two-week pre-op diet plan, reviews a sample pre-op diet menu and provides ideas on what to eat to best prepare your body for surgery. Remember, the pre-op diet is mandatory in order to shrink your liver and ensure a safe operation.

Post-op Class Stage 1 (Days 1-21) — This is the phase when patients must consume only liquids. In this video, Candace covers an approved sample menu, ways to incorporate protein and the importance of vitamins and medications.

Post-op Stage 2 Class (Days 22-41) — During this phase, patients can start eating soft foods and then transition into solid foods. In this video, Candace reviews a sample menu, protein recipes and foods to try, as well as what to avoid and other general guidelines to follow as you adjust to your new stomach.

Maintenance Class (Days 43 and beyond) — In this video, Candace covers helpful tips and what to eat to stay on track to maintain your weight loss. There’s also a helpful “Food Source List” you can download and a “10 Day Reset” that many patients reference if they’ve fallen off track.

Patient-to-Patient Support Group — Candace also hosts monthly Patient-to-Patient Support Group. Previously held as monthly meetings in our office, we’ve recently moved to a virtual format enabling more people to attend, no matter where they live. Patients can watch live or go back and watch anytime at their convenience. These are posted in the Nicholson Clinic Facebook Support Group, a group only open to Nicholson Clinic weight loss surgery patients. During the P2P virtual meetings, patients are invited to ask all types of questions and get answers.

Facebook Support Group

Any patient who has had or is scheduled for surgery is invited to join our closed Facebook Support Group page where patients go for inspiration, to help each other out, ask questions, get feedback from Candace and patients, post victories and struggles. This group is a welcoming community and a great way to connect with other patients on the same journey.

To join the Facebook support group, click here. Once verified as a patient, you will be added to the group.

Complimentary Support Calendar

Our monthly calendar is updated and posted monthly on the website, both on the homepage and under “Weight Loss Support” (click “Download Support Class Schedule”). It’s also posted in our clinic and shared on our social media each month!

Everything on our calendar are available FREE for life for Nicholson Clinic patients. These events include:

Facebook Live@Lunch — Held every month on our Facebook Page, Live@Lunch covers a variety of topics including medical support, psychological support, diet or fitness and a wealth of other helpful information patients may need to navigate the process.

Psychological Support — This is an important component for any patient. Weight loss isn’t just a physical battle; it is also mental and emotional. To be healthy physically, you must be healthy mentally. In addition to the monthly P2P Group and Facebook Support Group, our patients have access to Baylor’s quarterly support group meetings led by Dr. Jay Ashmore, the Clinical Director of the Baylor Plano Behavioral Health Center. Dr. Ashmore facilitates this support group meeting using science-based approaches to present topics relevant to healthy behavior and weight loss.

Groups are held at Baylor Scott & White in Plano and begin at 5:30pm with a group mixer, followed by the session with Dr. Ashmore at 6:00pm. Anyone who is interested in having or has already had Weight Loss Surgery is encouraged to attend and family and friends are welcome.

Nutritional Support

For nutritional support, in addition to Candace’s nutrition videos, Baylor offers pre-op nutritional classes the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 12:00-1:00pm And Post-op nutritional classes held the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 12:00-1:00pm. These classes are held at Baylor Plano Hospital in the 5th floor conference room.

Our partners at PsyMed also offer a Facebook Live monthly on their Facebook Page featuring Renell Cronk, Registered Dietitian.

Fitness Support

For fitness we offer two complimentary classes each month:

Get Fit with Rock Fitness — We have group fitness classes held once a month on a Saturday morning at 9:00am. These classes are usually at our Plano clinic location on Independence in the conference room and they led by Marilyn Hoyt, Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Rock Fitness. Marilyn also offers one-on-one and group fitness classes at her studio in Farmersville, Texas. Contact her at for more info.

Yoga with Jaimee — Jaimee Hunter is a Nicholson Clinic patient and Certified Yoga Instructor. These classes are also offered once a month at 6:30pm, usually a Tuesday, at our Plano clinic location on Independence in the conference room. For those new to yoga, this is a great introduction, and for more experienced yogis, Jaimee will walk you through options for a greater challenge. Jaimee also offers additional classes at her facility. Contact her at info@yogawithjaimee for more info.

Follow-Up Care for Life

Follow-up appointments are a crucial part of your success as a patient. Following surgery, we suggest you schedule follow up appointments at one-to-two weeks, six weeks, four months, eight months, one year and annually from there on. It is important that you return to our office for long-term care. Your commitment to keep up with follow-up appointments, educational sessions and support group attendance will serve to assure your optimum health and success during your weight loss journey.