Psychological Support

Weight loss isn’t just a physical battle; it is also mental and emotional. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body is the behavioral modification link to weight loss. To be healthy physically, you must be healthy mentally.

Our behavioral continuum of care for surgical and non-surgical weight loss patients dives into the mental and behavioral aspects of weight loss. We offer:

  • Health and Lifestyle Change Intervention - Behavior modification classes teaching skills and strategies to lose weight and keep it off through expert support and accountability.
  • Support Groups - A venue where patients can interact with others, hear from guest speakers, and ask questions of our behavioral support staff.
  • Individual Treatment - Intensive one-on-one treatment for psychological or behavioral problems.
  • Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation - This evaluation fulfills insurance requirements for weight loss surgery and will prepare patients for surgery and identify any factors that may inhibit successful weight loss.

April 27, 2016

Our team of behavioral health experts includes:

PsyMed, Inc.
Clinical Psychologist
(214) 348-5557

Behavioral Medicine Associates
Jay Ashmore, PhD

Clinical Psychologists
(214) 836-6548

Advantage Point Behavioral Health
(877) 583-5633

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