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Weight loss is 80 percent nutrition, and 20 percent fitness. Food is the fuel your body uses for energy and function. Eating the wrong foods, or too much of a particular kind of food can lead to weight gain, which in turn affects energy levels and can be detrimental to your health.

Bariatric surgery may be necessary to help jumpstart your weight loss and put you on the right track toward a healthier lifestyle. Weight loss surgery means a change in your lifestyle, including your diet. Once your doctor has cleared you to start eating solid foods, you’ll have some changes to make in the kinds of foods you eat to help keep you on track on your weight loss journey.

The best foods to eat for weight loss or following weight loss surgery are high in protein and low in fat and sugar, click here to download the top ten tips to a healthy bariatric diet. The Nicholson Clinic is devoted to helping our patients develop a healthy lifestyle, whether or not our patients choose weight loss surgery. The Healthier Plate is a library of healthy recipes, both for patients who have undergone weight loss surgery, and patients who are trying to lose weight without bariatric surgery.

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The Healthier Plate Blog
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