Transformation Stories

Transformation Story: Chantel

Aug 23, 2016

If you are considering weight loss surgery but aren’t convinced the results can last? This story is for you. Chantel had surgery with Nicholson Clinic in July, 2013. Today, more than three years later, she is thriving and continues to keep the weight off. In the months following her bariatric surgery, Chantel sent us the following email to share her success.

Hear more weight loss inspiration from Chantel on her own blog, Glow Fig.

“I just wanted to let Dr. Nick and his staff know that I met the weight loss goal that Dr. Nick and I set at my consultation last year on May 1st. I started my 2 week pre-op diet on 6/25/13 and had surgery on 7/9/13. I weighed 205 at my consultation, 212 at the start of the pre-up diet, and 197 on day of surgery. This past Saturday, I weighed in at 129.4. Dr. Nick had said a good goal for me would be about 130 pounds. I’m 5’3″ tall. Just over 9 months from the start of the pre-op diet and just under 9 months from my surgery date! 82.6 pounds lost.

Here are some of my non-scale victories since WLS…

I’ve logged over 250 miles since the beginning of January (January 3rd, I think).
I climbed over 2,000 flights of stairs in less than 2 months.
I can comfortably cross my legs.
I’m rarely getting blemishes on my face anymore. (I attribute this to a better diet.)
I ran 4 miles in less than 42 minutes (the last 3 in 30 minutes).
I’m no longer wearing plus sizes (size 6 pants, size small/medium tops).
My shoe size has gone down from an 8.5 to 8 or maybe even 7.5 (which was my shoe size in high school).
I’m wearing a size medium belt on the smallest hole.
I’ve completely given up soda.
My children are eating healthier foods (not perfect, but better), since my husband and I are too.
I’m setting a good example for my kids in terms of being active and fitting exercise into my daily life (and I know for a fact that they’ve noticed because of the things that they say about it).
I’m off blood pressure medication.
I’m no longer snoring and keeping my husband awake at night.

I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones that come to mind quickly.

Thank you, Dr. Nick!”