Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories: Rachel

Sep 21, 2021

Life Before Surgery
Life before surgery was rough but I still enjoyed life! I always want people to know that I was “happy” at a heavier weight but the weight definitely impacted my life. At my highest, I weighed 335lbs. I am 5’7” tall. I was always tired, had to request a seat belt extender every time I flew and couldn’t ride rides at amusement parks. I teach high school and take my seniors to Six Flags every year. I always lied and said I was scared of roller coasters. This past May, I rode the rides!  It was the best feeling ever; second to being able to cross my legs all the time!

I choose the surgery simply to be healthier. While I don’t have my own children I have many nieces and nephews that I wanted to be around for. I also wanted to be healthier to indulge in my love of travel.

The Nicholson Clinic Experience
For me the process with Nicholson Clinic and Dr. Long was amazing. My insurance didn’t cover the surgery so being a cash patient it was much quicker. I made the conscious decision in March to investigate the surgery. Had a consultation sometime in May and surgery scheduled for July 9. I was traveling in June, otherwise it would have been sooner. The consults with all the required personnel were easy (met via Zoom during COVID), personable and they answered all the questions. I had my surgery at Baylor Surgicare in Garland and they were great! Nurses were very friendly and joking around before my surgery, and they were hands on after surgery. The PA I’ve seen for every Post-Op visit is the ABSOLUTE BEST! He genuinely cares, asks questions and makes sure he is as invested in this as I am! So so so encouraging!

Life After Surgery
Life now—that’s the million dollar question! It’s amazing! I won’t lie—there are days that mentally you question every piece of food that goes in your mouth. You question that one pound gain and freak out.


I feel so good about myself (don’t get me wrong I felt great about myself before too!)  I had no complications from surgery; I’m healthier; I can move quicker and further than before; I’m in clothes that I haven’t seen in decades and actually have to buy frequently because I’m still shrinking. I go to amusement parks; I wore a two piece to Vegas; no more seat belt extender on planes and just enjoy life. My disposition (probably because I’m not as tired) is much happier and noticeable by friends and family.

Hands down this was the best decision ever. Ultimately I’d like to lose a few more pounds but my body is happy right around 198-200.