Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories: John

Feb 02, 2021

John has lost more than 100 pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery. This is his story.

Life Before Surgery

“I gradually gained weight over a six to seven year period till I hit my top weight of 327. At this point, I decided it was time for a change. I had done diets before and lost 30-35 pounds but nothing long term. My physical exercise had gone to zero, not even being able to enjoy a short walk with my wife. I had become sedentary without even knowing it.

“My personal ‘ah-ha’ moment was visiting my mother. She has a knee problem that has left it very hard for her to move easily. She had gained 60-70 pounds and was hardly moving. You could say that scared me into action. Knowing that I did not want to be without movement due to my weight in my later years. Shopping in the big and tall section for 4X shirts and 54-inch pants was embarrassing, which led to a lot of online ordering of poor fitting clothing. Being able to shop for a large shirt and 36-inch pants is much more enjoyable.”

The Nicholson Clinic Experience

“I had consulted with another weight loss doctor and felt the experience was very impersonal, with no real concern with the welfare of the patient, only the ability to perform the surgery and collect the fee. While visiting with Dr. Roshek, the one thing he said that resonated with me was that weight loss surgery was just a tool in the tool box. That without a commitment to a lifestyle change centered around food and exercise, surgery would be a waste. Also the fact that he told me up front not to get hung up on a number for weight loss. The challenge of losing five percent of your body weight before surgery was key in that it helped you prove to yourself that you can do it.

“Nicholson Clinic staff was very personable and non-judgmental. When you are so overweight for so long, you invent reasons not to do things and always think that someone else is judging you as a person that can’t handle themselves. At the Nicholson Clinic, I always felt like everyone there was behind me and willing to help at any point. Granted, I did not avail myself of the many support programs Nicholson Clinic offers, it was nice knowing they were there. Best thing about Dr. Roshek is that he always seemed confident in what I was doing, which in turn gave me confidence to be successful.”

My Weight Loss Journey

“One thing I did to help with my food intake was to keep a food diary in a small 4×2 paper binder. Just what I ate, when I ate it, the calorie count and the protein count. Each morning, I would tally the day before and see if it was a good day. If not, I would look to see what I needed to do differently to make it a good day. This helped me enormously along the way. I kept it for a solid year.

“On the day I decided to start losing the pre-surgery weight, I took measurements of myself, chest, stomach, thigh, neck so I would have some means of comparison. This is also something I would highly recommend to other weight loss surgery patients.”

Life After Surgery

“Life now is completely different. I have lost 109 pounds so far and continue to lose. I move much more easily, free of the little aches and pains. I walk three-to-five miles a day to keep myself going. I am able to work longer with more focus since I am not worried about how long I can stand/move.

“My wife introduces me as her “boyfriend,” which after 33 years of marriage is pretty cool. My parents see me and ask where the rest of me went! My energy level is off the chart, as my 28-year-old tells me that I am constantly moving and need something to do all the time. I like looking at the “guy in the mirror.” He has done well and will keep doing well for himself and his family.”