Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories: John

Sep 22, 2020

Leaning on the support and encouragement of family and friends — some of whom have had weight loss surgery themselves — John took the leap to have gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Long at Nicholson Clinic. This is his story.

“I decided to have the surgery since my parents and brother had similar surgeries years ago and it’s been a great transformation for them.  My younger brother especially.  He inspired me to make the change and my family was very supportive of my decision to have the surgery. I also had a friend who highly recommended Dr. Long and the Nicholson Clinic and coached me through the process.”

The Nicholson Clinic Process – With You All the Way

“The [Nicholson Clinic] process went very smoothly. I am thankful for the expertise, personal follow-ups, and holistic approach the team employs. This helped significantly with the physical and emotional aspects of the decision.”

Life After Surgery – Adventure Awaits!

“I’m grateful for each of the 128 pounds I’ve lost so far since late December 2019 and I’m excited about going down this pathway to a much healthier and happier life. I am getting rid of my 5XL clothing and moving towards being able to shop at “regular” stores for the first time in years.

“I am able to work out daily now. I own and operate a local pool service and this has given me much more energy and stamina for the work we do. I am resuming tennis and playing basketball with our daughter as she prepares for middle-school tryouts.
“I’m so excited to get back out and enjoy traveling again and my wife and I have a trip to Southeast Asia booked for next fall. It’s a great motivator to continue making positive progress so we will look and feel our best on this bucket list adventure.”