Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories: Casi

Jan 16, 2024

How much weight have you lost overall?

137lbs from my highest weight and 117 from my surgery date

Brief overview of what life was like before surgery, and why you decided to have weight loss surgery?
Before deciding to have the gastric sleeve life was an uphill battle daily physically and mentally. I was trapped in my body and felt frustrated and defeated daily. I tried everything you could imagine. Programs , non-stimulant diet pills , shakes , exercise. For 16 yrs the weight wouldn’t budge. My I wasn’t always obese , I was very thin , athletic and full of energy. My obesity was due to poor coping skills and food addiction. Once I realized this was the root of the issue I wanted help and found Nicholson Clinic in addition to a behavioral therapist to prepare me for the right coping skills so I would not self-sabotage after surgery!

What was the process like working with the Nicholson Clinic, pre-op and post-op? Anything specific you want to say about your doctor and/or staff?
The process was seamless and easier than I imagined. The staff made you feel like a person. I loved how Dr long would sit back in his chair and prop his leg over his other one lol it was as if he were at home and soaking in your story and concerns. I never felt rushed or a number!

What is life like now? What’s different physically and emotionally?
Life after surgery is so beautiful! My life before was beautiful however now it’s as if a veil has been lifted and things are in color! God has used this tool to give me new found joys in life and freedom! I am healed from food addiction by his grace and now have a tool to help me succeed in my health! No more Hypertension no more Shortness of breath no more joint pain no more stress inconstance better sleep. I can do things with my children and be an example as a nurse to my own patients. I’ve been more adventurous and food is savored now instead of gulped down. Eating is no longer a chore or addiction it is a part of living. Eating is no longer an addiction but a choice of freedom! Since my surgery I have chosen to be 100% Keto. For me the addiction to sugar was not something I was willing to risk. My husband and family were a huge support and never gave up on me!

Any advice for someone considering weight loss surgery?

Do it! Prepare yourself. Do the ground work and study. This is a tool and tool trust. Know what to expect and weigh those expectations against your own. For me the risk of not having the surgery were far greater than the risk that came with the surgery. My post op recovery was so great. The Nicholson team were there every step of the way. Be willing to make personal changes and grow and watch the joys unfold!! “