Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories: Arcelys

Jul 26, 2022

Arcelys had gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Roshek in June 2021. Since surgery, she has shed more than 90 pounds, and is even training for a triathlon with her husband! This is her story.

Life Before Surgery

“Before surgery, I always had very little energy, was always sick and seeing my doctor. I had high cholesterol and triglycerides and was pre-diabetic and infertile. Emotionally, I was always in a bad mood and living with constant bouts of depression.

“After going to the nutritionist for more than a year and exercising without results, I began investigating what I could do to not feel so sad and improve my health. I watched a YouTube video of the gastric sleeve surgery and started doing research and following people who have had the surgery on social media to learn more about their experiences.”


The Nicholson Clinic Experience

“I’m very happy I chose Dr. Roshek after visiting three doctors. After meeting Dr. Roshek, my husband and I agreed he was the doctor we were looking for. He was very clear and precise in his answers to all the questions I asked him about the pros and the cons of surgery. Because I had done a lot of research, I had a document on my phone full of questions and he answered all of them, leaving me satisfied. He explained everything to me in detail. The Nicholson Clinic staff is incredible and always very attentive, especially Amber. She was a great help to me before, during and after my surgery.”

Life After Surgery
“I’m a new person both inside and out! Sometimes I find it hard to believe that this is the new me but little by little I am realizing it. I’m super happy for the first time in my life. I feel good without being in the ER and feeling depressed.

“My husband’s dream was for us to ride bikes together. Now, we are training for a triathlon together! My starting weight was 228 pounds and my BMI was 42 (Obesity III). Now I weigh 134 pounds and my BMI is 23. I have lost 94 pounds, but it’s not just the excess weight on the outside that has changed. I feel like I took it off from the inside, my bad mood is gone. I feel wonderful!”