Bariatric Surgery

The Nicholson Clinic’s Weight Loss Surgery Process

Mar 25, 2022

The thought of beginning the process for weight loss surgery can be intimidating for anyone. That is why your choice of specialists is crucial. The Nicholson Clinic is ranked among the best places for obesity surgery in Texas and across the country and supporting patients throughout the journey is their top priority.

The Steps Before, During, and After Weight-Loss Surgery

  1. Pre-Surgery

    Once you schedule an appointment, if using insurance, our Insurance Specialists verify coverage on your behalf and determine any necessary criteria and steps you need to complete before being approved for surgery. This can be an average 4-month process depending on your insurance. If going the self-pay route, patients can typically schedule surgery within a month.

    Each patient is assigned a Patient Care Advocate. Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) help you through the entire process leading up to surgery. All of our PCAs are Certified Medical Assistants. They help make sure your pre-op needs are met and will serve as your primary point of contact with the Nicholson Clinic. Since there can be several steps leading up to surgery, especially if using bariatric insurance coverage, your PCA is here to help you navigate the journey. Some insurance plans often require dietitian and psychologist appointments, sleep studies, lab work, clearances, etc. To help prepare you for a safe, effective surgery, Nicholson Clinic also requires all their patients to complete a 2-week pre-op diet. In addition to our PCAs helping you through each and every step, we also have Patient Educators available for pre-op nutrition advice, medical support and guidance. Our primary goal is to ensure you have the best possible pre-surgical experience.

  2. Surgery

    The Nicholson Clinic medical team will have you well-prepared for surgery. During your initial 1:1 consultation with your surgeon you will go over which procedure is best for you and ensure you have the various resources for this critical process. You will have known what is acceptable to eat and drink the night before and the morning of the scheduled appointment date and ensure you understand what will happen in each stage of the surgery. That includes hospital arrival expectations, the pre-op exam, recovery, expectations regarding discharge, and what essential things you’ll need to do when you go home.
  3. Post-Surgery

    Bariatric care doesn’t end after the surgery. It is crucial to remain on track with post-op follow-up appointments and support. The center guides patients through the post-surgery process, such as after-surgery maintenance, ideal ways to boost recovery, nutritional expectations and dietary goals, physical activity, fitness goals, and additional mental health assistance. Additional support is available online through our post-surgery videos broken out by stage: post-op stage 1 covers day 1-21, then post-op stage 2 covers day 22-42, then the maintenance stage goes from day 43 and beyond. If you find yourself struggling, you can schedule an appointment or call anytime. Plus, the Nicholson Clinic offers complimentary support groups and has an online community for bariatric surgery patients.

Your team of specialists goes above and beyond the status quo for weight loss surgeries. The dedicated surgeons, physician assistants, experienced clinicians and support staff aim to make your experience as simple as possible. Surgery is hard enough without the proper care. That is why they are determined to change the approach to ensure patients have the tools to succeed before, during and long after surgery.