Schedule Consultation

The first step is to contact us to schedule your consultation with one of our surgeons. There is no obligation to schedule surgery from here. You’ll be better informed of your options and if weight loss surgery is right for you! Call 972-494-3100 or request an appointment online.

If you are planning to use insurance, we will collect your insurance information when you schedule your consultation, and our insurance verification team will verify your coverage and eligibility for bariatric surgery on your behalf. If you don’t have bariatric benefits we will try to reach you before your consult so you know what to expect.

During your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our doctors who will provide a comprehensive explanation of the surgery options, and listen to what your specific needs and wants are from surgery. A thorough medical evaluation will be performed and any tests will be ordered that are needed to determine the most effective solution for you.

If you have bariatric coverage, some insurance companies have specific requests for their members in the months leading up to surgery. Our insurance coordinator will work with you to make sure you have the support and understanding you need to complete the necessary steps and get ready for your procedure.

Our patient care advocates are medical assistants and your 1:1 concierge leading up to surgery. They will help coordinate appointments and address any questions you have along the way. They are dedicated to providing assistance on your pre-op journey, but are also available post-op and beyond for support as needed.

Today is the day! When you arrive at the hospital or surgery center, the surgery team will meet with you to review the procedure and address any remaining questions. This ensures that you are fully comfortable before undergoing the procedure and beginning the rest of your new life.

It is by adhering to the recommend post-op diet and maintenance plan that you will be able to meet and keep your weight loss goals. At Nicholson Clinic we are with you all the way and encourage you to attend all suggested follow up appointments and take advantage of all the support options we provide, for life.

  • Patients with RYGB will typically stay one to two nights in the hospital.
  • Patients with Sleeve Gastrectomy will be typically discharged to go home the same day, but if medically indicated and facility accommodates the patient could stay overnight.
  • Patients with a Gastric Band will be discharged to home once tolerating clear liquids without difficulty.
  • There is no medical or surgical reason why you are unable to wear your seatbelt after surgery. Please buckle up!
  • After you leave the recovery room, you will be transferred back to the pre-op holding area (gastric band) or to a hospital room (RYGB or sleeve gastrectomy).
  • Sit up on the side of the bed and walk as soon as you feel able (within 1-2 hours of arrival).
  • This will help prevent blood clots in your legs.
  • Coughing and deep breathing are a must to help expand your lungs, reduce post-operative fever, and prevent pneumonia.
  • You can use a pillow or abdominal binder (the hospital will give you one) for support and to splint your incisions while coughing and deep breathing.
  • It is normal to experience discomfort after surgery. Some common complaints are: shoulder pain, left-side abdominal soreness, nausea, gas pain, constipation/loose stools, weakness and fatigue.
  • Some patients find using an abdominal binder very helpful (bring on with you or ask the nurse for one).
  • Immediately report any complaints of sudden severe pain or shortness of breath.
  • You will wake up in the recovery room on a stretcher (gastric band) or in a hospital bed (RYGB or sleeve gastrectomy).
  • A highly trained registered nurse will be with you at all times.
  • You will have a button to push when you need pain medicine.
  • For your safety, you may spend 2 to 4 hours in recovery.
  • Family will not be able to visit here.
  • There is no secure place for your belongings in the recovery room, so leave them at home or give them to a trusted family member or friend prior to your surgery.
  • Cards and flowers are also not permitted in the recovery room.