Transformation Stories: Nelson

Transformation Stories: Nelson

Jul 7, 2023

Nelson has lost 90 pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Long in July 2022. This is his story.

Life Before Surgery

“My health was less than perfect! I was at 258, had high blood pressure and had to use a CPAP. I’d struggled with weight my entire life. My sweet wife had asked me if would I be interested in weight loss surgery, and of course, the stubborn me first said ‘No!’ But sooner or later I acknowledged she was right and decided to go for it! My local primary care physician said I was looking at shortened lifespan due to my weight. I was unhappy being big, and physically just couldn’t do what I wanted to do anymore. It was time for a change!”

My Nicholson Clinic Experience
“I researched all sorts of places, from locally in Shreveport, to Vegas, Mexico and then found the Nicholson Clinic. All reviews were great and after talking to the office, made the decision to go with Nicholson Clinic.

“Everyone at Nicholson Clinic has been fantastic! Dr. Long was great and the surgery nurses were super! Jordan has been great to work with as well! All my post-op questions are always answered promptly and efficiently!”

Life After Surgery

“I feel great now! No more blood pressure meds, no more CPAP! Fat clothes are gone! Down to size 32 pants and medium shirts that used to be 2XL. I still can’t believe that’s me in the mirror! Still trying to get used to the new me, after so many years of seeing a big me in the mirror. I love all the compliments I get all the time, like “Where’s the rest of Nelson?” My wife likes the new me as well! But I’m so happy with the way I look now!

“For anyone considering gastric sleeve, it is a real commitment. I have not varied from the high protein diet at all, and sometimes it isn’t easy. But I’ve learned how to eat out when we go somewhere and there are lots of low carb/high protein food options out there now. I wish I had been brave enough to do it years ago and could have enjoyed a new me for longer. Everything has gone really smoothly (once you get past the post-op gas phase)! I highly, highly, recommend Nicholson Clinic!”

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