Bariatric Surgery

Secrets to Success: Follow-Up Care After Bariatric Surgery

Jun 22, 2016

The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is only the first step in a lifelong journey. Bariatric surgery is not a “quick fix,” or a “magic bullet,” but the beginning of a lifestyle overhaul. For patients to gain the results they’re after, follow-up care is a must in the days, weeks and even years after a weight loss procedure is performed.

Lasting success equals a lifelong commitment to weight loss.

While follow-up appointments immediately following bariatric surgery will be to ensure a patient’s health and lack of any complications, as time goes on, the focus of these appointments will ultimately turn toward long-term weight loss support. This piece of the puzzle is just as important as going in for routine post-operative exams shortly after a weight loss procedure is performed.

“Bariatric surgery is one part of a successful weight loss plan,” explains Dr. Nicholson. “After surgery, patients will find they require continued care and support to ensure proper diet is incorporated and that exercise also becomes part of their routines. Support for making, and sticking with these lifestyle changes, can be as crucial as surgery itself for successful weight loss.”

Patients who are considering bariatric surgery to address obesity will find that counseling is a part of the routine before surgery. To ensure long-term patient health and success, nutritional and lifestyle counseling may continue well after the procedure is performed.

“It’s important for surgical patients to understand they do not walk alone in their journeys,” says Dr. Nicholson. “This is precisely why after-care support is made available and is strongly encouraged for all bariatric surgery patients.”

In addition to routine follow-up appointments with our physicians and staff, Nicholson Clinic patients also have access to weight loss surgery nutrition classes, monthly support group meetings with Dr. Jay Ashmore, Clinical Director of the Baylor Behavioral Health Center, fitness programs and a private Facebook support group where patients can connect with other Nicholson Clinic patients.

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