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Preparing Your Family for Your Weight Loss Surgery

Nov 12, 2014

Obesity is often a family disease as lack of mobility and the many medical conditions associated with carrying extra weight can impact everyone in a household. So when a person decides to undergo weight loss surgery, the entire family is also included in that journey as well. It’s important to have much support around you as possible as you go through this experience, so involving your family is crucial. So how do you prepare your family for your weight loss surgery?

  • Bring along one or two family members – preferably those who will be caring for you most when you come home – to your doctor appointments. It’s always good to have a second set of ears so you can gather all the information that the doctor gives you and make sure to ask any questions. In fact, family members are often far better at thinking of questions than you may be in that moment.
  • Provide your family members with literature and/or websites where they can do their own reading regarding your chosen weight loss surgery. It’s important for them to be educated on the details of the procedure just as you are.
  • Provide your family with an outlet for support. There are support groups for those undergoing weight loss surgery as well as family members. Being able to talk with others who are going through the same experience can be enormously helpful for most people.
  • Ensure that your family is on board regarding lifestyle changes. Weight loss surgery is a commitment; not just to the procedure itself but to the changes that must be made to reach and maintain goals following surgery. Proper diet and exercise are crucial to success and it can be difficult to get the whole family on board. But studies have shown that when everyone in the household is committed to healthy eating, the more successful this lifestyle change is for everyone.

Your family can provide you with the much-needed support to help you get through your surgery and begin a new life. Make sure everyone has all the tools they need to be the most successful.