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Nicholson Clinic Patients Walk the WLS Journey Together

Jun 30, 2017

Every Sunday morning, a group of Nicholson Clinic patients meet at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve with one purpose: to encourage each other along their journey to health and weight loss. Together, the group walks the 3-mile trail system not just to exercise, but to share their struggles and victories — to bond with others who truly understand what they’re going through.

Weight loss surgery is a valuable tool Nicholson Clinic offers patients who are ready to take the leap to improve their health, leave weight-related conditions behind and reclaim their lives. But it isn’t an easy journey. Our motto is With You All The Way, but there’s nothing quite like giving patients the opportunity to meet with other patients walking the same road. Led by Nicholson Clinic Patient Mentor, Zohar Wolf, who himself has lost more than 80 pounds after having weight loss surgery, this group has become a source of weekly encouragement, motivation and inspiration.

Here’s what some of our patients are saying about the walking group:

“Many people really do not understand what we go through when they try to support us. It is great to be able to talk to people who have walked your journey whether three years out, one year out or one week out. People who have already tried and failed and fixed different tips and tricks and recipes and such are able to share their trials and successes with us so we do not make the same mistakes. It helps when you’re down or having a bad day because again they know what you’re going through and can help lift you up. I could go on and on. The walking group is just wonderful motivation to care about yourself and one another.” – Jessica

“I get to talk with and see people who are actually going through what I’m going through. I bond with, build friendships and explore the journey with others. I give others support…mentally, emotionally, and physically and they give it right back. I hold others accountable for goals and challenges, as they do me. We’re active and we’re having fun!!! The walking group is very motivational, inspirational and loving.” – Staci

“This group is fun, easy going it’s all different levels of walking we laugh as we go we don’t realize we are done cause it’s so much fun. Each we have gotten faster and it’s easier as we go come you us you will love it.” – Julia

“I love our Sunday morning walks! Although at first I was super hesitant because it was so early I realized that this was exactly what I needed and I have so much energy at the end of our walks because everyone is so supportive and the energy that everyone has is just so beautiful! This group was really what helped me get motivated and out of my “what did I do to myself” stage. I honestly was not motivated at all I was frustrated and angry and I am now kicking butt in the gym and doing these walks along with the other support meetings! I am honestly so thankful for Zohar and all of the other wonderful people. I have been given so much helpful advice and motivation! I love it so much.” – Alexa

“To have this group, this “family” of precious people is important as we encourage, motivate, vent, share, understand, laugh a LOT and make getting steps in easy and fun. We set goals and talk about struggles and healthy food ideas and weird and or unpleasant body functions (because we all know there is different stages involving not so nice functions). I feel it benefits us all physically as well as mentally. And it’s just fun.” – Jodi

“I absolutely love this group of people!! To have a ‘family’ to share with, to cry with, to love with that accepts you for who you are, flaws & all is a most amazing feeling. Yes, I have support from my family but to have the support and acceptance of people that accept you unconditionally is worth more than my former weight in gold! We share recipes, failure, winning, everything. I love these people and I truly feel loved! My daughters are very protective of me and they came out to walk with us last week. They were very excited to know how much support we have for each other. They are no longer concerned when I’m with this group!!” – Sondra

“I love this group. I’m motivated again. And I know with the support we all give each other I will do this life change. Everyone is there for the same reason and we can help each other. Zohar has been awesome and made me feel like I can do this . Thank you to everyone that I’ve met and a BIG Thank You to Zohar and Sergio! I love you all !!!” – Lisha

If you are a Nicholson Clinic patient and would like to join this group, meet at Arbor Hills Nature Center at 8:30am on Sunday. In inclement weather, the group meets outside the food court at Willow Bend mall.

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