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Managing Expectations Following Weight Loss Surgery

Oct 17, 2014

Weight loss surgery is a huge undertaking. It’s not just the surgery itself – although that is certainly a big deal; it’s the whole picture – the changing of your life and your body and your habits and all the emotion that goes with that. That’s why preparation for weight loss surgery is so important and all-encompassing. It’s crucial to prepare yourself for the logistics of the surgery – the details of the procedure itself and what you can expect in preparation for the surgery and what to expect immediately following during your recovery.

There are also the months and years following surgery. And managing your expectations in terms of weight loss and how you will feel.

There may be a misconception that you will wake up from surgery having dropped a substantial amount of weight. But the truth is that, while weight tends to fall off quite rapidly during the first year following your surgery, it is very much dependent on the effort that you put into changing your lifestyle – including your eating habits and exercise.

Here are some of the Dos regarding managing your expectations following weight loss surgery:

  • DO talk to your doctor to learn what to expect in terms of weight loss (as long as you are doing everything that you should be doing in terms of food and exercise). How much can you expect to lose in the first three months? Six months? What does a year out from surgery look like if you are doing all the right things?
  • DO learn what some of your potential pitfalls may be. What complications may arise from surgery and what should you look for to ensure that are you managing your recovery most appropriately?
  • DO find yourself some support within the weight loss surgery community. There are many people who have gone through the same thing as you are going through and they can offer validation for how you are feeling as well as some insight about what to expect in the coming weeks and months.
  • DO follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Your success following weight loss surgery depends just as much on your behavior as it does on the success of the surgery itself. The surgery isn’t a magic pill; it’s absolutely crucial to follow all instructions to endure you have the greatest success possible.