Bariatric Surgery

Is Bariatric Revision Surgery Effective?

Sep 28, 2022

Bariatric surgery can offer excellent results for someone with severe obesity. Weight loss surgery can help patients not only lose a significant amount of excess weight, it can also help you manage obesity-related health problems, including sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

However, if you are struggling with weight regain or experiencing complications from bariatric surgery, you may benefit from revisional surgery. Regardless of the the patient should meet with a doctor to discuss options.

Bariatric revision can be performed as a LAPBAND® removal, a LAPBAND® revision, a gastric sleeve revision or a gastric bypass revision.

The success rate of revisions are high, however, bariatric revision may not be suitable for everyone.

Your eligibility depends on:

  • Your initial type of bariatric surgery
  • Whether you had complications with your initial surgery
  • What caused the weight regain
  • Your overall status of health and any other circumstance unique to you

When bariatric surgery doesn’t result in long-term weight loss, or if patients are experiencing complications due to a previous bariatric procedure, revisional surgery should be considered. Overall, bariatric revision surgery can offer rewarding and positive outcomes. It can correct any complications or setbacks a patient was experiencing and help them re-commit to a lifestyle that will help them achieve and maintain their desired weight loss.