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In This Together: Post-Op Support at Nicholson Clinic

Apr 29, 2021

Nicholson Clinic is on your team, but you’ve got to do your part, too. A winning strategy isn’t just about surgery. To beat obesity, patients must stick to the game plan. That means staying on track with all follow up appointments and taking advantage of Nicholson Clinic’s unique additional “training” options available, like our post-op support group and classes!

Surgery is only part of the weight loss equation. In addition to our unsurpassed multidisciplinary team of experts, we’ve developed an unmatched support program for our patients, for life. Nicholson Clinic patients have access to a variety of support options before, during and after surgery.

Post-Op Recovery
At Nicholson Clinic, our mantra is “With You All the Way.” And we really mean it! As long as you’ll have us, we’ll be by your side — for life! Follow-up appointments are a crucial part of your success as a patient. Following surgery, we suggest you schedule follow-up appointments at one-to-two weeks, six weeks, four months, eight months, one year and annually from there on. It is important that you return to our office for long-term care. Your commitment to keep up with follow-up appointments, educational sessions and support group attendance will serve to assure your optimum health and success during your weight loss journey.

The suggestions above is our minimum recommended schedule for post-op follow-up appointments, but patients are always welcome to give us a call or schedule an appointment anytime, or as often as you would like to see a provider and get help when struggling. We depend on patients to contact us if they are having any problems or would like to come in and talk to a doctor. We are here for you!

Patient Educator
Candace Peppers, MA is our Patient Educator. In her role, Candace provides patient support and education before surgery, after surgery and for life. Candace is active in our Facebook Patient Support Group, where she hosts our monthly Patient-to-Patient Virtual Support Group as well as a monthly “Lunch with Candace” live Q&A session. She has also recorded a series of nutrition videos available on our website. These, “Class with Candace” videos can be found here.

Facebook Support Group
Any patient who has had or is scheduled for surgery is invited to join our closed Facebook Support Group page where patients go for inspiration, to help each other out, ask questions, get feedback from Candace and patients, post victories and struggles. This group is a welcoming community and a great way to connect with other patients on the same journey.

To join the Facebook support group, click here. Once verified as a patient, you will be added to the group.

Complimentary Support Calendar
Our support calendar is updated and posted monthly on the website, both on the homepage and under “Weight Loss Support” (click “Download Support Class Schedule”). It’s also posted in our clinic and shared on our social media each month!

Post-Op 1:1 Nutrition Support
As time goes on, we know it can be a struggle to stick to your post-op diet. If you’ve fallen off track, or perhaps you’ve just hit a plateau in your weight loss, individual appointments with a dietitian are also available to our patients as needed.

To schedule a post-op nutrition appointment, contact one of these providers:
(214) 348-5557
Amber Odom, RD/LD
(972) 596-9511
Melanie Wilder, RD/LD
(972) 599-9600

Post-Op 1:1 Psychological Support
Your body physically goes through a lot of changes after weight loss surgery but you are also going through a lot of mental and emotional changes as well. Some patients find it helpful to check in with one of our behavioral health experts for health and lifestyle change intervention or psychological support in adjusting to their new life if needed.

Our team of behavioral health experts includes:
PsyMed, Inc.
(214) 348-5557
Jay Ashmore, PhD
(214) 477-9275
Advantage Point Behavioral Health
(877) 583-5633

Do your part to stick to the game plan and stay on track with follow-up appointments and take advantage of our additional support options. If you’re struggling, make an appointment with one of our dietitian or psychologist partners, or if you are concerned about your health, have questions or could just use some encouragement, make an appointment to come see us!