Bariatric Surgery

How Do You Maintain Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery?

Jun 24, 2022

Nicholson Clinic offers the most effective weight loss surgery options available. But they also understand that weight loss can fluctuate due to various reasons. It could be a medical problem, your lifestyle, or the body responding differently to the surgery.

That’s why the medical team, along with dieticians, psychologists, and fitness experts, teamed up in a multidisciplinary arrangement to help each patient achieve their weight loss goals for the long term.

Before embarking on the weight loss surgery journey, a patient needs to schedule a pre-surgery consultation. The consultation meeting involves a medical evaluation by the doctor, who will recommend what will work best for each patient based on their individual needs.

It’s not only about the procedure itself, but the lifestyles changes required leading up to surgery, post-surgery, and a commitment to follow maintenance guidelines for life.

It’s important for patients to stay on track with their follow-up appointments with the medical team. We recommend the following intervals:  1-2 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 months, 8 months, 1 year and then yearly thereafter. Patients are also encouraged to make an appointment anytime they are struggling or have concerns.

Nicholson Clinic also recommends participating in additional training options available, like their Facebook Support Group and classes! Some of the support options include:

Facebook Support Group: Besides the educational resources on their website, Nicholson Clinic offers a Facebook Support Group where patients can learn about exercise, bariatric nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle tips, and connect and support other patients going through the same process. The Facebook Support Group has updates on upcoming classes and events as well.

Weight Loss Guidance: Nicholson Clinic has Medical Assistants / Patient Educators who offer pre-op and post-op nutrition advice, medical support, and guidance to help patients on their weight-loss journey. They are available to any patient via phone or email as needed.

Nutrition Classes: In addition to nutrition information provided on the website and social media, Baylor offers virtual pre-op and post-op classes monthly to Nicholson Clinic patients. Any patient needing 1:1 support can make an appointment with a dietitian as needed.

Exercise Program: Nicholson Clinic encourages everyone to find a fitness routine that works for them. The clinic recommends specialists in bariatric fitness and helps patients find available programs. Several are mentioned on the website such as SHED, Svelte Performance, and a Fitness Journey Challenge Facebook Group started by Nicholson Clinic patients.

Psychological Support: Nicholson Clinic currently offers quarterly virtual weight loss groups hosted by Dr. Danielle Miro, Licensed Psychologist with Behavioral Medicine Associates. Additionally, Baylor Plano offers a weight loss surgery support group once/quarter. Both groups are posted online and in the Facebook Support Group. And patients can always make an appointment with a psychologist should they desire additional support.

Back On Track Program: Nicholson Clinic established a back-on-track program for patients who might be struggling. It begins with a check in appointment with one of the Nicholson Clinic doctors for an evaluation. The goal is to get to the root of the cause and then chart the best path forward based on the patient’s individual needs.

Patients who follow the guidelines, take advantage of the support offered, and reach out for help when needed, are able to effectively manage and control their weight and live an active, healthy life.