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Get Healthy in 2019! Learn the Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Jan 30, 2019

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Weight loss is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions made each year. While the motivation to lose weight may differ from one person to the next, making the decision to drop those extra pounds can yield some powerful health benefits.


Carrying around excess weight can have some significant negative effects on your health. These consequences can range from uncomfortable to catastrophic. Being overweight or obese can impact normal, day-to-day activities, such as walking, driving, sleeping, and even breathing. The longer you’ve been overweight or obese, the higher your risk of developing weight-related conditions such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.


Hear more from Dr. Nick and Nicholson Clinic Patient Educator, Candace Peppers.

Being overweight also leads to a diminished quality of life and may decrease your lifespan. Obesity is responsible for more than 500,000 deaths each year and depending on the severity, may cut 10 years off your life.


Worldwide, more than two billion people are overweight and suffer from health problems because of it. Being significantly overweight or obese is a serious health threat and it should not be ignored.


Nicholson Clinic is known for bariatric surgery, but we also offer non-surgical weight loss programs designed for people who are struggling to lose weight with diet and exercise alone but aren’t yet experiencing significant health concerns from their weight. From dietary advice and fitness direction to behavioral support and pharmaceutical interventions, if your goal is to lose weight in 2019, but you aren’t ready for or don’t qualify for weight loss surgery, we can help.


Under the direction of Gloria Gonzales, RN, APN, our Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program can provide you with the guidance and support needed to achieve your goals and avoid the long-term consequences of being overweight.

At your initial visit, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your past medical, surgical and psychological history. We will then request baseline lab work and discuss if a registered dietitian and psychological evaluation is needed. We’ll also provide helpful counseling to determine the best approach going forward. From here we schedule monthly visits for continued evaluation: physical, psychological, nutritional and medication refill.


To learn more about our Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program, click here.