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Finding a LAP-BAND® Center for Obesity Surgery and Treatment

May 28, 2014

LAP-BAND® is an abbreviation for laparoscopic adjustable gastric band. It is an inflatable gadget made from silicone and it is used in the treatment of obesity. It is usually positioned on the upper part of the stomach to leave a small ‘pouch’ for the stomach. This reduces the amount of food that is ingested which helps with weight loss.

This method as well as other bariatric surgery procedures can be performed, but only after other weight-loss methods such as exercise and diet have failed. LAP-BAND® is minimally invasive and is reversible. Less scars and faster healing are observed and the pain experienced is much less compared to open procedures.

There are many doctors and centers certified to perform LAP-BAND®  surgery in Texas. A specific surgeon, known as a Bariatric Surgeon, should perform this procedure. The more surgeries they have done means a higher chance of your own surgery being successful and with fewer complications. Look for the number of years that the weight loss surgeon has been practicing and what hospital affiliations they have. They should be associated with the most advanced medical facilities in North Texas.

Searching online can display a list of the practicing centers and even let you know which one is closest to your location.  Look for a center in Texas that offers the most up-to-date facilities providing the information and expertise needed for long term success.