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Cocktails After Weight Loss Surgery

Oct 17, 2014

Obesity has likely taken a big toll on your life. You have struggled with the physical limitations imposed by your weight as well as the health conditions that have surfaced as a result. You have dealt with the emotional ramifications of your obesity and the frustration of not being able to control a seemingly uncontrollable situation.

So you’ve decided to undergo weight loss surgery as a last resort to finally manage your weight and reclaim the health you deserve. You’ve done your homework and learned everything you can learn about the procedure that you’ve been advised to have, and you’ve prepared for the recovery part of your journey so that you can recuperate as successfully as possible.

But what does life look like after surgery? Yes, you know what foods you can and should eat and which foods you will need to avoid. And you’ve embarked on an exercise program that fits with your lifestyle. But what does it mean for the simple pleasures including going out and having a few cocktails with friends?

After all, as the weight falls away and you begin to feel stronger and healthier, you will want to share your new look with the world. Going out will likely take on a whole new meaning as you are given the gift of doing things that would have made you feel uncomfortable in the past. It’s a whole new world emotionally and socially. And you surely want to live it!

So what’s the scoop on those cocktails? Weight loss surgery limits the amount of food and liquid you can ingest causing you to feel fuller faster. In addition, alcohol will cause you to feel its effects much faster following weight loss surgery. That is something to consider before you imbibe.

Alcohol also falls in the category of being high in calories and low in nutritional value – a category that weight loss surgeons will ask that you avoid following your procedure. In fact, drinking any alcohol is discouraged during the first year following surgery. After the first year, alcohol may be allowed from time to time in small amounts depending on your doctor’s recommendation. But, all in all, this is not a huge price to pay for a whole new, healthier life.