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What is the Safest Weight Loss Surgery?

Aug 26, 2022
Nicholson Clinic provides various weight loss surgery options that have proven very effective.

Nicholson Clinic offers a wide range of weight loss surgery options. The clinic has worked with more than 25,000 patients for over 20 years. Patients have come to the Nicholson Clinic from all over the country and all around the world to seek the highest level of patient care.

What makes Nicholson Clinic stand out is its experience and team approach to weight loss. In a multidisciplinary setting, you’ll be attended to by surgeons, highly experienced clinicians, physician assistants, and courteous support staff who stand with you throughout your fight against obesity.

The clinic keeps up with the latest breakthroughs in weight loss, and is employing emerging technology in all its procedures, which includes gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, SADI, gastric balloon, LAP-BAND, and revisions.

Sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve), for instance, is one of the safest bariatric surgery options. This is where resection is performed on the part of your stomach involved in producing grehlin. Grehlin is a hormone that causes you to feel hungry.

When gastric sleeve surgery is performed, you’ll experience reduced appetite and have a smaller stomach capacity than you did before surgery. This means you’ll eat less food and, in turn, lose weight.

The benefits of sleeve gastrectomy are enormous. Your stomach is reduced to a small size, you’ll feel less hungry, and your pylorus valve is preserved (an outlet valve regulating food release from your stomach to the small intestine) so essentially your stomach function will remain normal.

Sleeve gastrectomy is a safe, less invasive, low-risk procedure that offers long-term results. Whatever obesity-related condition you have may be eliminated over time.

Nicholson Clinic provides various weight loss surgery options that have proven very effective, with outstanding patient outcomes. The clinic is committed to helping patients find the right weight loss solution for their unique conditions. Make an appointment to talk with one of their doctors. Understanding all the bariatric surgery options available allows you to make the best decision for your individual needs.