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Weight Loss Surgery Can Help Improve Mobility

May 09, 2016
The Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery’s founder talks about the benefits.

Plano, TX, May 09, 2016 – People who are severely obese are likely to find that carrying around extra weight takes its toll on the body in a number of ways. Not only does this condition promote the development of heart disease and diabetes, among other complications, it can also have a negative impact on mobility. Researchers are finding, however, that bariatric surgery can improve mobility, adding to the number of potentially beneficial effects of surgery.

“Excess weight can put undue stress on the joints and muscles in the legs and back,” explains Dr.  Nick Nicholson, founder and lead surgeon at the North Texas-based Nicholson Clinic, one of the top weight loss surgery centers in the country.  “For some people, this can lead to the development of painful osteoarthritis and other such complications. By shedding pounds safely through bariatric surgery, many patients find the pain associated with excess weight is reduced or even eliminated.”

To find out just how much of an impact bariatric surgery can have on mobility, a study was recently conducted. Researchers found that nearly 60 percent of patients, a year out from surgery, reported significant reductions of pain associated with movement. In addition, about 80 percent of study subjects reported dramatic increases in their activity levels.

“Obesity has the potential to take its toll on the body in a variety of ways,” says Dr. Nicholson. “Addressing excess weight has been proven to help improve overall health and it just might help those who struggle with mobility and pain gain a new lease on life.”

Bariatric surgery is generally recommended for people who are considered severely obese. Other medical interventions do exist for people who do not fit into that classification. Losing weight can reduce risks for developing diabetes, heart disease, some forms of cancer and other serious health conditions. To learn more about the Nicholson Clinic, its locations and the weight loss services it provides, visit it online at

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