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Nicholson Clinic is Committed to Offering a Wide Range of Support Options to Our Patients

Jul 22, 2022
Nicholson Clinic offers various support services to patients undergoing weight loss surgery. We have a team of experts who customize programs to suit each patient's individual needs.

The clinic’s depth of support goes beyond the surgical staff and includes clinical psychologists, dieticians, and fitness experts trained in bariatric care to best help patients in their weight loss journey.

Psychologists: Psychologists offer pre-surgical evaluations, counseling, and behavior modification to help patients achieve their goals and overcome any barriers they might encounter. In addition to one on one appointments, Nicholson Clinic partner psychologists offer complimentary quarterly virtual support groups with insights for healthy living, mental and physical wellbeing.

Dieticians: The dieticians provide advice on the best nutrition to get before and after the surgery to ensure successful weight loss. With bariatric surgery, a very specific pre-op and post-op diet is required, and a dietitian can help you adhere to the recommended guidelines and find a food plan that works for you.

Fitness Experts: Nicholson Clinic partners with bariatric fitness experts who provide exercise recommendations and instructions tailored to patients’ level of progress, both insurance based and affordable self-pay options. In addition to bariatric exercise programs, Nicholson Clinic offers patient-led fitness groups where patients connect with each other to exercise together and motivate one another, including a Facebook fitness group where patients workout from anywhere at any time.

Educational Resources: Nicholson Clinic also offers educational resources on weight loss on its website. The site contains helpful blogs and tips to read and follow. It also has created a Facebook Support Group where patients share their struggles, successes, and other useful ideas to motivate each other.

Patient Educators: The clinic has patient educators/medical assistants who address patient concerns and answer any questions they may have. The medical assistants provide pre-op and post-op medical support, nutrition advice, and guidance to help patients during their weight loss journey.

Weight loss requires a healthy body and mind. The behavioral continuum of care offered by The Nicholson Clinic caters to all the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of weight loss, including intervention on the patient’s health and lifestyle.

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