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How Does Bariatric Surgery Help People Lose Weight?

Nov 22, 2021
If you are contemplating weight loss surgery at a Dallas bariatric center, it is ideal to know how it helps patients lose weight.

If you are contemplating weight loss surgery at a Dallas bariatric center, it is ideal to know how it helps patients lose weight. Gastric bypass and all other weight loss surgeries are altogether known as bariatric surgery. These surgeries involve making changes to a patient’s digestive system so they can lose weight. But how does it work? We have written this article to help you learn about bariatric surgery to help you make an informed decision.

How Bariatric Surgery Works
In some procedures, the surgery restricts how much food a person can consume. Moreover, other surgeries work by limiting the body’s ability to absorb calories and blunting appetite. While bariatric surgery offers several benefits, all types of weight-loss surgeries can come with side effects. In addition, patients must adopt a permanent healthy diet and subscribe to routine exercise to ensure a long-term positive result of bariatric surgery.

Types Of Bariatric Surgery

  • Gastric Bypass – Works by limiting the amount of food a person can eat at a sitting, limiting the absorption of nutrients to the body, and bypassing a portion of the stomach to avoid the hormone, ghrelin, which is a major contributor to the feeling of hunger. The surgeon performs the procedure to let food bypass most of the stomach and the initial section of a patient’s small intestine. This allows food to enter directly into the middle part of the small intestine and fewer calories are absorbed.
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy – About 75% of the stomach is removed in this surgery, including the portion of the stomach that produces ghrelin, leaving a small pouch or “sleeve”. The size of the stomach is reduced, therefore the amount of food volume that can be comfortably ingested is also reduced. In addition, patients report a reduced appetite, allowing them to lose weight. A major benefit is the ability to preserve the integrity of the pylorus valve allowing a less invasive – and therefore, a lower risk – surgery.
  • LAP-BAND® Surgery – This surgery is both adjustable and completely reversible. During laparoscopic surgery, the band is fastened around the stomach, leaving the patient with a smaller stomach pouch. The result is two-fold; there is now a much smaller limit on the amount of food that can be consumed comfortably, and the reduced stomach size causes the patient to feel fuller much faster.

Bottom Line
The Nicholson Clinic specializes in finding the right weight loss solution for each individual person. They know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, which is why the surgeons at the Nicholson Clinic specialize in multiple bariatric procedures. Understanding all bariatric surgery options allows patients to make the decision that is best for their individual needs.

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