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Gastric Bypass Helps People Burn Calories While They Eat

Oct 14, 2015
The Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery’s founder discusses the recent study results.

Plano, TX, October 1​4, 2015 – A recent study sheds light on something that many gastric bypass patients may not know: they burn calories while they eat. This surgical weight loss procedure has long proven itself successful for helping severely obese people shed pounds, but a full understanding of just why it was so effective has eluded medical professionals until now.

The gastric bypass procedure involves surgically reducing the stomach’s holding capacity. Once a smaller stomach is fashioned by the surgeon performing the bypass, the stomach is rerouted directly to the small intestine. The two-step operation enables patients to feel fuller faster while also reducing the body’s caloric intake during digestion.

There are three main factors that contribute to weight loss with gastric bypass:

  1. It decreases the quantity of consumption.
  2. It bypasses the first portion of the small intestine to avoid absorption of calories.
  3. It bypasses a portion of the stomach to avoid the hormone ghrelin creating a blunted appetite.

“It’s that second step that seems to enable faster calorie burning while a patient is still in the process of consuming food,” says Dr.  Nick Nicholson, founder and lead surgeon at the North Texas-based Nicholson Clinic, one of the top weight loss surgery centers in the country.  “New research indicates the rerouting to the small intestine primes the metabolism for faster, more effective calorie burning.”

The latest research into the gastric bypass was conducted in Sweden. Researchers followed a group of patients for two years after surgery to arrive at their findings. The study uncovered that the small intestine becomes more active during food consumption, which promotes increased calorie burning while preventing calories from being transformed into fat.

“The gastric bypass has long been one of the most effective measures for helping those who are morbidly obese lose weight while potentially avoiding such side effects as heart disease and type 2 diabetes,” says Dr. Nicholson. “This research helps us better understand why the two-step procedure proves effective over the long haul.”

Gastric bypass procedures involve major abdominal surgery. Be sure to carefully discuss this option fully and to understand its pros and cons before moving forward with this weight loss alternative. To find out more about the Nicholson Clinic, its locations and the services it provides, visit it online at

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