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As a Leading Bariatric Surgery Center, Nicholson Clinic is committed to furthering the field of bariatrics and helping patients find lasting weight loss success.

Sep 14, 2022
Dr. Nicholson explains the clinic's goal of ensuring patients find the best solutions for long-term weight loss and positive outcomes.

Dallas, TX – September 14, 2022 – The Nicholson Clinic has been at the forefront of implementing advanced bariatric procedures for its patients. As a globally recognized surgeon, Dr. Nicholson recently lectured at the 72nd International Bariatric Club University of Oxford Webinar.

The webinar was held on Tuesday, August 23rd, with the theme: Ambulatory Bariatric Surgery. It focused on the topic, ‘Does Buttressing of the Sleeve Staple Line ensure Safe Same Day Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?’

Dr. Nicholson helped pioneer safe same-day sleeve surgery with successful outpatient results. Meaning patients go home the same day they have sleeve surgery, instead of staying in the hospital one-two days. A lot of patients have benefitted from this outpatient approach, which offers minimal risks and short hospital stays.

One of the areas Dr. Nicholson has displayed outstanding expertise is with staple line buttressing, which is a common technique used during the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. It is known to minimize the rates of preoperative bleeding and reoperation.

A sleeve gastrectomy leak can cause postoperative complications. Due to the popularity of sleeve gastrectomy, experts are now focusing on the short and long-term implications of sleeve gastrectomy. This includes the best strategies for reducing any complications.

“Our Clinic focuses on finding weight solutions and strategies that minimize risks for our patients,” explained Dr. Nicholson. “We use diversified approaches to give every patient a chance to lose weight and maintain it long-term. Our goal is to ensure we are offering the safest, most effective, weight loss procedures that provide lasting results.”

Dr. Nicholson also trains many doctors and consults on new products and techniques in bariatric surgery to enhance outcomes.

Bariatric surgery options like sleeve gastrectomy help to alleviate obesity-related health conditions. Nicholson Clinic invests in technology and research to ensure people undergo procedures that help them achieve their weight loss goals and transform their lives.

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