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A Look at Lap Band Surgery Procedures

Aug 10, 2014

A Look at Lap Band Surgery Procedures
When traditional weight loss measures aren’t working, some people find that seeking out a Lap Band surgery procedure can provide the assistance they so desperately need to get weight under control once and for all. This type of surgery, however, is serious and shouldn’t be entered into lightly. When it is called for, however, the results can be rapid and lasting, boosting overall health in the process.

What is Lap Band Surgery?
Lap Band surgery experts are bariatric doctors who use this procedure and others like it to help obese patients get their weight under control. Lap Band procedures are typically performed using a laparoscope, which means they are minimally invasive in that they don’t involve cutting, stapling, or intestinal rerouting. During this procedure, a small band is placed around the stomach. The purpose of this is two-fold:

  1. The band creates a much smaller stomach pouch than the patient had before.
  2. The resulting smaller pouch provides a feeling of satiation much quicker than the patient would have enjoyed in the past.

The ultimate goal of Lap Band surgery is to help patients eat less so they can get the weight off and keep it off.

Making the Most of Surgery
While Lap Band procedures can have dramatic and rapid results, the ultimate control of their success lies in the patient’s hands. To get the most out of this procedure, it is imperative to follow post-operative instructions to allow healing to take place fully. Once this is done, it’s also important to follow dietary advice to the letter. Portion control, for example, will be important to prevent discomfort.
Lap Band surgery does come with the advantage that bands can be adjusted if needed. That means someone who needs to make accommodations in stomach capacity for pregnancy, for example, can make sure this is the case.
If you are looking to finally take control of your weight, consider Lap Band. Dallas gastric doctors will work directly with you to review all your options and help you select the path that best fits your unique weight-loss needs.